CSA believes lying ex

July 3, 2015

Because my ex Is a liar I am having to pay far more CSA than I can afford. I had my kids 3 nights a week plus bank holidays and annual leave from work, (192 days) over half of the year. We agreed that because I was paying our debt off in an IVA (70 grand) sh wouldn’t ask for maintenance until the debt was cleared. I had access to my kids 3 nights a week and bank holidays and 21 days annual leave from work.

All was well until she contacted CSA telling them I don’t see my kids. I’m sure she only did it because somebody told her that due to the amount of time I was seeing the kids I could have taken her child benefit and claimed CSA from her. Anyway I was hit with 550 a month payments. I contested it and after weeks of arguing with CSA all of a sudden my ex told them I am seeing my kids but only 2 nights.

The CSA obviously believed her, even tho she had already lied, and told me I had to pay 370 a month. Again I argued but continued to look after my kids the 3 nights still paying 370. Now my ex has stopped contact for no reason at all and stuck paying 550 again. All the CSA say is get a court order but financing the court order isn’t easy when that much of my wage is stolen because she thinks I shouldn’t see my kids. The CSA attitude to it all is well they are your kids and you shitoils provide for them. But my argument is so should she. She’s never had a job and never paid a single penny towards them that is hers.


  • Richie says:

    So how do I get anybody to help me with court costs when everybody I have spoke to gives me the impression that I’m just a cash cow that’s ripe for milking and I’ve just got to accept whatever the CSA say?

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