CSA assesses me on a figure they choose to use

October 23, 2012

I am self employed and run two small businesses. Business No.1 is a partnership with my second wife and made a profit last year, business No.2 is solely in my name and made a loss last year.

CSA have reassessed my case on the request of my ex wife and calculated that I pay an amount based on the profit of the partnership and will not take off the loss on business no. 2. They tell me that they take each business seperately and that business no. 2 gives me a zero assessment and business no. 1 gives me an assessment of £224.00 per month.

I have explained that my income for the year was less as I made a loss on business no.2 but they apparently don’t work it our that way, so I’m not assessed on my income, I’m assessed on a figure they choose to use – if I was employed and not self employed this wouldn’t happen – surely this cannot be correct.


  • andy b says:

    been there done that, dont want to know about the 2nd income unless it makes money,

    but they claim to be an income based support agency?

    hows dose that make sense!!!!!

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