CSA ask for one thing one day, then it’s not enough the next

February 1, 2018

i have been a self employed roofer for the last 12 years and have been paying £25 csa up until 3 years ago when my business wasn’t making me enough money to live so i started a new job working on a refinery which was significantly better wages, averaging £2500 pm. So then my csa jumped up to £78 pw which is a hell of a lot for 1 child but i could afford it so i payed it with gritted teeth, then in oct 2016 i was made redundant so started my roofing business back up which I’m still doing today but still finding it hard to earn a decent wage in this economic climate, my wage at this point is averaging £200 pw, i told csa of this change back in early may 2017 and asked for a recalculation, so i sent off all the paperwork i needed to and waited for a response which after a month i never had,i stopped making csa payments by this point as could no longer make payments of £78 pw. i also pay £25 pw to my other childs mum but that’s not through csa.

Anyway, i rang up csa( costing me money on my mobile as i don’t have a landline) to ask whats going on and they informed me that i hadn’t sent in enough evidence but i explained that i sent everything they asked for which was my tax return and p45, so the woman on the phone explained to me that she would get my case worker to phone me in the next few days, this never happened so again i called, this went on till sept 2017 when i finally had enough so phoned again and spoke to a bloke and he told me that what ever i was told to send in when i spoke to that woman back in may was wrong and trhat i needed to send in an sa302 form, so i sent that off and waited another month, all this time i still haven’t made any payments so knew they would be back dated.

Finally 10th dec i get my new calculation, it says I’m earning £322 pw so have to pay £57pw csa. but as its backdated to may i have to pay £200 pw up until march 2018. i phoned them up and asked how they got this calculation and trhey said it was from my sa302 form, but i told them that was from when i was employed in fulltime work and i was nolonger in that job from oct 2016 and that ive been averaging £200 pw since then and i can send in my bank statements to prove it, needless to say they didn’t want to know, i said fine can i have all my documents back so i can take it to an appeals court, they’ve lost all my documents. so now I’m sat on my arse on the dole waiting to hear basck from the court of appeal. I just cant believe how useless csa actually are, oh and by the way, i still haven’t heared from my case worker and that was supposed to be 7 months ago ….


  • David says:


    I wish you well with your Court of Appeal case (presumably a Judicial Review matter). If you wish for advice or to discuss your case further, please don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]. I would love to know what you did to resolve you case prior to your application for JR.


  • Chris says:

    Best advice is to contact your local mp. Csa are by far the biggest waste of resources we have. Email your mp with the details, together with supporting docs. This is how we got our case sorted. After 2 years of paying £100 a week we got £2k refund plus compensation. The mp had it sorted within the month.

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