CSA arrears leaving me with nothing

March 21, 2010

My daughter was born twelve years ago and I was paying the csa on and off for the first six years, infact I lost my home in the beginning because I was paying so much to them and I admit that I was dodging them for those first years. Since 2005 I have made regular payments through my bank, until December that is, when I had a phone call to say that the csa wanted £6’000 in arrears paid within a two year time frame.

The guy asked where I was working, my wage(£6.94) nothing about my outgoings, mortgage, bills etc..

Within two weeks I had a new assesment which was £34 per week, fair enough, then I had a phone call to say that I would have to pay another £60 a week on top to cover the two year arrears. A DEO was put in place and instantly we felt the pinch, we couldn’t pay our mortgagebills etc and now have fallen into debt. I left the job two weeks ago with stress and anger. I want to pay off the debt, I have no problems with that, but in a fairer way.

My worry is starting a new job and this all comes back to haunt me. Have you any advice on this subject, so I can at least plan ahead.




  • James Hampson says:

    New CSA will soon be rolled out to N R Fathers…..

    I will tell you how it will affect me & you may be able to compare?

    Firstly I have NOT seen my two sons for 4 years in August 2014. Yes went to court & lost my custody battle.

    Old CSA payments
    Right My current CSA is £450 per month never missed a payment………

    New CSA rules (If i CAN get a family based agreement)
    I will pay £152 pounds per week or £658 per month…

    New CSA rules if i CANT get a family based agreement)
    I will pay £182 pounds per week or £788 per month.

    Under the new CSA rules if the CSA administer the payments it will cost me a whopping £338 MORE…..

    Thanks CSA

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