CSA arrears advice

March 27, 2012

In 1998 the csa began taking by atachment of earnings from my wages 397 pounds per month. I appealed this decision, as i had, by order of court my son 3 nights per week,they ignored my claim, so i then appealed to an independant tribunal.

The case was herd in july 98 the undependant judge dcieded that the amount i should pay because of both parents circumstances would 23 pounds per week.

The very next week the csa infomed me that i had arrears going back to 1994 at which they set 56 pounds per week,at which point they began taking the amount from my wages until i had paid back 11 thousand pound.It has took me this long to repay i am now trying to persue this case as the court order to have my son 3 nights per week was issued in 1993. They havent given me shared care or taken account the independant tribunals decision of 1998.

Can anyone give advice as to were next i can go?


  • bob says:

    Goto http://WWW.dadtalk.co.uk and post under legal eagle

  • jay. says:

    Have you been to see your mp? How much does it cost to raise a child especially when you have yours 3 times a week, do you get any help?, its wrong and I don’t know how your ex can do it and live with herself…just out of curiosity, do you know if your ex receives the full amount you pay, just a lot of pwcs get less than what the nrp is paying through the csa.

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