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CSA are useless, father hasn’t paid a penny

My child will be 15 soon the father has not paid a penny.

The CSA are useless Im left on hold I get hung up I got passed from one person to another the phone call all the while is costing me money which should be money spent on my child. Because my child is on the Old Rules Cases and not on the new system there are only a few people left to deal with the Old Rules Cases, so my case has fallen through the cracks and been forgotton about.

I thought the CSA are there to help’ I dont get any correspondents from them. They should have a Duty Of Care to every child which they dont. The CSA have failed my child who will be 15 soon.

4 thoughts on “CSA are useless, father hasn’t paid a penny

  1. The CSA fail all people. It would seem your case is too complex and costs too much for them to do anything about so like you say you are left without.

    Have you lodged a formal complaint with them about their maladministration? To not get maintenance for 15 years there is obviously errors on their part.

    I was in the same position as you for 11 years and gave up in all honesty and withdrew the claim.

  2. I was told if your old case and not on benefits they don’t care, as its no money for the pot….csa helps no one, whether pwc or nrp! They punish those that do pay and forget about those who don’t….the ones they should be chasing!

  3. I agree with Jay again on this, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and other groups for advice and support. Carol has suggested formal complaint which is what I would have said too.

  4. my son is 15 and all i have did has support him even when he was born and not with the mother i just went on this site to see what have i did wrong!!!i gave the mother money plus my son his pocket money evey week i see him all the time he stays with me 4 times a week and she got the csa on to me out of spite plus she claimed i never paid for him at all!!and they did arrest my wages 5 times and your telling me the system does not work well it does you ex is probably a waste of space who is on the dole thats why you are moaning about it! its dicks like you who do give dads a bad name and i bet there is more personal crap towards you and using this site as an excuse! go moan at the goverment for paying non uk people who live in this country and they get more than you and me you say the csa dont do nothing yes they do i have worked since i left school and supported my son so how come they managed to arrest my wages plus get back dated money i now have to pay and your saying csa do nothing like i said he must be a waster probably like you!!!!!

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