CSA are the most dishonest organisation around!

August 22, 2015

I have paid through the CSA for my daughter for around 8 years without even a missed payment. The case was closed down ealrier this year as my daughter got herself a job. They refunded me £140 2 weeks after the case officially closed.

Now I find that they are chasing for arrears of over £300. I do not believe their numbers so I asked for a history of my payments and also the 7 refunds they have made to me (funny giving me refunds when I’m supposed to be in arrears!). They have been unable to provide this despite numerous requests and are now threatening an Attachment to Earnings Order for the +£300.

A guy from the CSA phoned my company and told them I had refused to speak to them, this is a blatant lie, I have spoken with about 4 different people over the past few months, non of which have been able to help.

The CSA have proved to be unprofessional, unhelpful, and, worst of all, fall way short of honest. They should be ashamed but hey, what can you do??!!


  • MrWhitey says:

    Unfortunately this is the level of service that you should expect from the CSA scum.

  • King Canute says:

    The CSA has all the cards, unfortunately. Don’t expect there to be fairness or logic – that doesn’t come into it. Make sure any contact with them is written & sent recorded delivery. Even then, they could deny ever having received any of your correspondence which they have done to me on several occasions. Best o’ luck.

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