CSA are taking too much money

March 3, 2011

I pay for child support for my 2 daughters, I have no problem with that but last year when My dad was very ill missed three payments and my dad died that month, I informed the child support agency of that and the problems I was having, Iwas being charged £235 per month. I missee April,May and june 2010 and in july CSA started deducting Money from my salary while I was out of the country on my dads Funeral, They deducted large sums for two months which I am by now sure must have covered the Arears but for the last 9months have continued to deduct more than they should. I have written complaints with no replies, called many times but got only conflicting explanations from different CSA employees. In December, My partner gave birth which should have reduced the sum deducted, I sent CSA the information they requested but three months on they continue to take more money by over £200 leaving me and my two children and partner completely out of pocket and in areas in everything!

Rent,counil taxt, elctricity,clothes, and other bills, we basically have to gamble how to survive on the migre £839 left for me out of £1191. In this £839 I have to pay 300 rent, £87 council tax,£250 electricity,£60 trnasport to work,£13 TV licence, and gamble between debts from my previuse relationship that the CSA have refused to consider totaling to almost£7400. worst the CSA deducts about £115 for Liabilities which I have not been explained to what kind of Liabilities.

The CSA have completely disregarded and inhumanly discriminated the children I have under my care as if they were Whild animals in a game park but benefitted only my ex partners children. I now feel I must just quit my Job and get out of the country somewhere they have no powers after taking them to court fails. My calculation using the CSA calculator proves that they should be deducting £190.666667 a month but they have been deducting £351.50 even after all my areas where paid off. They never answer my letters.

What kind of a government body is this?

Very bitter Samuel Otim


  • hg says:

    i have been in the same boat; always in arreas’s and they end up taking large payments direct from my employers…found out the employers are not handing the cash over for months at a time therefore the CSA say i am behind in payments..that is what they tell me!! who knows, they benefit at the NRP expense; keep hearing rumours that it is a government way of collecting revenue! The best thing that you can do is to contact the RP and try and come to an agreement, that way the child benefits and not the govenment! Good luck!

  • lyn says:

    Samuel, sorry to read your story. My ex partner has been though hell and back again with the CSA. Hit with a bill for £32,000 reduced to £29,000 no Solicitor no MP can help. They are a law amongst themselves and calculate what they believe it correct.

    Like you they never answered his letters and even treated his Solicitor terrible.

    Situation now they have taken my ex partners HOUSE to clear this so called debt while his ex wife claims benefits and sits on her arse. He has been treated like a criminal and as if the money from the sale of his house is not enough they want more.

    Believe me they will make you and your new family homeless to ensure your ex is looked after

    Its sad and scary to think an organisation like these exist

  • Joy says:

    The system is a discrace. My partner is always in arrears apparently although he pays straight out of his wages, even has to pay a pound for the privilage. Everytime they run a new schedule it always states he is in arrears and then they just take out what they want from his wages. When you ask how the arrears were calculated they have no explanation just that is what the system says. We have a family of our own and has on a number of occasions left us struggling to provide for our two children.

    We have made offical complaints on a number of occasions. I would love to know how arreas are worked out considering we have never missed a week as it comes straight out of his wages. Loooking through this site it looks like we are not the only ones. Surely this can’t go on any longer something needs to be done.

  • fec2011 says:

    The C.S.A is taking £ 438.00 out of my monthly wage,this is for 3 kids and includes £38.00 arrears. I did overtime around xmas and Jan ’11. They take it through an attachment of earnings. I don’t mind paying for the kids however, can they take my overtime. I worked 240 per month (usually 160 contracted hours) 80 hours extra per month for Dec and Jan (as it was xmas etc!). The C.S.A said they asked my employers for 2months wage slips. normally I would have 160 hours on my wage slips…but my employers sent the wage slips from when I did the extra! The C.S.A said they are taking the amount based on my last 2 wage slips, I tried to explain I only normally work 160 hours..but they are having none on it! My friend reckons the C.S.A cant take my overtime only contracted hours.I am now struggling to pay rent, council tax etc!.any advice please.!?

  • Rob says:

    I have just had to quit my job to be better off on benefits for my children i currently have living with me. I refuse to let them suffer through an unjust, callous, horrible regime. Thank you CSA you f*****g bunch of retarded morons! I am no longer contributing to the country however I feel bad about being on benefits but I have no choice they just asked for too much and left us with £30 disposable income after bills and food etc. We now have £400 disposable income on benefits.

  • dennis bostock says:

    i to am having a bad time with csa they want £600 a month out of my £1100 net a month wages for 3 children to my ex partner ihave 3 children with my new partner and a mortgage and other bills my partner gets child tax credit which they are taking as my income also iam now going to be on the verge of losing my house and being bankrupt and home less is there any justice in this so called csa they dont give a shit

  • paul slaney says:

    iv just read through all your mail and i guess we are all in the same boat ….. csa needs to be stopped as we all have live too ,i love my little girl and would not eva pay but its got now its a joke,they wont more than i earn and like all you other guys out there me n my wife are skint even thou we both work the more you earn the more shit they through at you! how can we stop this…….

  • Neil Phelps says:

    I have CSA taking Deduction of earnings from me and it is not a fixed amount, they are refusing to give me a DNA, the reason they give for this is because they reckon i have owned up to paternity, it started in 2003 where me and the mother of the child were together once she had the baby her parents picked up and scooted her of to devon because of a completely different reason altogether, however this is the best bit we split because she couldn’t see a long distance relationship working but she then came back the 100 or so miles to start dating one of my so called friends, it then came to light that the whole time me and her had been together she had been sleeping with several of my so called friends, when i started to question her and said is the baby even mine she decided she was going to take me through CSA, i obviously denied Paternity and kept asking for DNA and again wanted the proof the child was mine, at this point CSA say they are going to organise a DNA and the only letter i then get is the child is now living with the Grandparent and nothing further is required from myself, this happened in 2006 and i had no idea where they lived in Devon or how to contact as i wanted to know whether the child was mine or not.
    Time goes by and in 2009 i have a little boy with my new partner and for certain circumstances we split in 2011, she however contacts CSA and i end up with a letter on my desk at work as they had no other address listed for me at this time, i ring up and go through all the security checks give my NI and D.O.B and then a guy asks me if i am the father of the child concerned in the ref of the case i just stated, i obviously say Yes as he is my little boy and no doubts what so ever, they take a card payment for me and my new address and i then recieve a letter saying that i am behind on CSA for the case that i told was closed in 2006, i still have the letter, i begin to dispute the case as i was told that it was closed in 2006 and told then that they can reopen the case as and whenever the mother or parent puts the claim in and they supposedly had me admitting paternity of the child, i said no the only child i had admitted paternity too was my son and they said they would do the relevant checks, i asked for the copy of the tape or to listen to when i was supposed to do this and they carried on saying i would have to pay for the tape, i then offered to pay for the tape and then i was passed from pillar to post and still have not recieved the tape 6 months in, it is now becoming a joke as i am trying to earn a living and pay for my house bills etc and all i get told is that i have a certain amount protected and they can take whatever they believe to be owed after that, could anyone advise as i am beginning to lose everything and get into deep debt as i can not afford to live due to CSA taking everything off me.

  • michael says:

    C.S.A are taking the piss out of people, i have worked for 4 years in a part ime job then just got a full time job a few months ago and began getting back on my feet as i was in quite a bit of debt, i have twin boys but hae an older son from a previous relationship, it all went through court etc and was agreed that i could see him regulary however a month or so after the court date i was yet again stopped from seeing him due to to me not abiding her rules and seeing him whenever she feels it appropriate, she has now had another child and was asking me to have him more due to her not been able to cope with 2 kids which i cant do i have to work. shes now been in touch with csa and they have rung me telling me they were going to take 36 a week off me not a great deal i know but when its added up over the month i dont get a great deal left, my partner only works 11 hours a week and after paying out 450 a month for rent then all the bills etc how am i supposed to get by without that extra money every month, my ex is sat on her arse at home doing nothing she also has a partner who wont get a job and has never worked before so im already paying for them by working. i think its very unfair i always bought him stuff and when he stayed over used to take him out everywhere, i payed money towards uniforms and clothes etc and she lived abut an hour and half away too which cost me plenty in fuel, csa said that they will reduce the money a bit if i have to go pick him up but that ust gives her more ammo not to let me see him cause she will get less money, i havnt seen him in a month now and then to have CSA ring me, they aint even nice to you on the phone there harsh talking monkeys who think there big talking down a phone something needs to be done about them they need putting in there place

  • neil says:

    csa stinks there all take take take and then come back for the sockets they force us on to the dole so what sort of people work for these so called child support my payments go up in the summertime the only conclusion i can come to for this is my ex- partner needs a holiday from sitting on her arse instead of getting off it and getting a JOB like the rest of us who work long and hard for a living no matter what we do or say its never ever enough .

  • Ash says:

    my partner has to pay csa for his one child, have resulted to only work 16 hours and only taking home £100 a week, the csa take £40 of this a week, i am there for forced to work every hour under the sun just to get us through a week to pay all bills and even then we are still behind in paying everything, we have a child of our own and i never get to enjoy him because we got to pay for a child that is not even mine. My partner is in the arrears because his last employer did not pay it out of his wages and kept it for himself surely this is wrong and they should be prosecuted for doing this

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