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CSA are taking so much money off my dad, he cannot pay the basic household bills

My mum and dad split up 9 years ago and I lived with my dad for 8 years, before deciding that I wanted to move in with my mum.

During the time that my dad had custody of me, CSA have stated that arrears have accumilated during that time, leaving my dad with over £3000.00 worth of arrears. However, they arn’t happy with just screwing my dad for that amount, they have now back dated the CSA, to the year I was born … 1993!!! Does this no suggest that my dad has never lived with us? When he has and he has always provided for me.

My dad is 50 years old and is working 50 hours a week (HGV Driver). The most digusting thing about it is, my dad takes home £161 a week for working 50 hours as well as biking 14 miles a day to get to and from work, thats around 80 miles a week.

Surely, they cannot take this amount of money off him … He doesn’t even have enough money to pay the basic household bills, let alone feed himself. He was told that the bare minimum that he should be living on is £194.00, yet CSA have decided they want more money and are now deducting a further £35.00 a week, giving him £161.00 to live on. He could barley live on 194.00. I can’t even understand where they have accumilated such an amount from.

I am only 18 years old and my dads only child. I rung CSA today to try to speak to them because my dad was so shocked and speechless, I just wanted to sort it out for him, but the reply I go from the arrogant B*****D on the phone was “Have you got your bank card details ready, we want some money off you now!”

Please Help!

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  1. i pay hundred and five pound a week she is on benefits so that means no rent no council tax just eletricity and gas she dont even buy him any clothes his clothes all dirty and stained she is clearing over 300 pound a week so really i pay tax towards her benefits and now csa she gets more than me without working and all that money goes is at the weekend at the local pubs and clubs
    plz someone any advice

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