CSA are still taking payments even though kids have grown up

October 24, 2017

I owe arrears of just under 6000 pound from when I was working in late 80s early 90s. I asked for audit to be done this took csa 1 year and came back with 6000 my daughter is 28 and son is 23. they done a deductions of earning order first at 70 pound a week coming of my wages so phoned them up a told them can’t afford to pay 70 week got it dropped to 40 a week and came back with 173 a month wich iam now paying so will be paying arrears till iam 52. this is a scandal the government is getting away with this my kids don’t see a penny of that money so any advice would be great thanks sorry abt the grammar.


  • David says:

    Hi Alan

    I notice that many on this site post their complaints but virtually none seem to apply the advice I give or seek help when advised to do so. I hope you will be different.

    If you have paid every assessment made by the CSA, there should be no arrears to speak of. Besides that, they are not allowed to seek alleged arrears prior to July 2000. Like most people on here, I do suggest you seek help with this as writing to the CSA is simply not enough. You need someone with legal knowledge.

    I am am available at [email protected] if you need assistance.

    All the best

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