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CSA are putting me on the dole

i’m sure that you have all heard this a thousand times before im having problems with the csa they have stuck a DEO on me wages reckon i owe 7500 in arrears they are leaving me with nothing to live on its a complete joke literally working for nothing at the moment £250 quid a week while they take between £100 to £200 pounds a week !! for 1 child!!

how can they justify doing this i came to some arrangement with them that i would pay £69in support payments and £36 pound towards arrears, which i could just afford. i still think i was too high.

everythime i ask where the arrears has come from i get aload of jargon waffled in my earhole. where does this money go, do i owe it?

i dont even know my ex is on benefits wont let me see my daughter but picks up the money every week no problem it gets me down that im getting screwed over and i cant see a way out they have left me with so little to live on im close to losing everything which ill be honest isn’t alot anyway.

i have rang the csa countless times and get nowhere its like they dont even care told me to goto citizens advice cos im apparently living above my means what a cheeky load of money grabbing gits i need help or advice quick cos im close to jacking it all in.

i have had enough of getting ripped off all i wanna do is work and provide for me an my new family and they seem ta be hell bent on putting me on the dole its pathetic.

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  1. Hi tony,

    The agency have an internal debt steer for the recovery of arrears, and although it is not legislation, they do aim to collect outstanding amounts within a 24 month period.

    To enable you to establish what has been happening with your case and ensure the alleged arrears are correct, you should apply for your data protection file and a complete account breakdown – there’s a template request letter in the download section at, your also welcome to join us in the forum.

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