CSA are patronising and condisending

November 29, 2012

I am writing to you with great hope of you being able to help me.
Since 6th June 2011 I have been fighting an impossible battle with the CSA. As you can imagine this has been a very stressful 17 months, as I have been up against a very large Government Organisation all by myself with no professional help what-so-ever.

I have found that on at least 95% of my telephone conversations they have been both patronising and condisending towards me.

I split with my sons father when my son was 8 months old, he is 17 years old next month. I have had approximately 6 payments up until my son was 12, when he went to live with his maternal grandparents in 2008 (which means the payments then went to them) however on 5/6/11 my son came back to live with myself, my husband and his two younger siblings. On 6/6/11 I contacted the CSA to inform them of the change of circumstances (as did my parents, whom were at the time receiving payments from the CSA for my son) and to return the payments back to myself, a simple job one would imagine, this was not the case.

17 months have past since my first phone call to the CSA and I am yet to receive any money at all from my ex-partner of the CSA.

My sons father has a VERY well paid job with the navy and has had for a good number of years and has now worked his way up to a good position of training up new recruits, yet still refuses to pay any maintanence. (he keeps telling people he IS paying the CSA yet im not getting paid, but the CSA say he isn’t paying)

I was told back in June 2011 that it would be straight forward and would soon be sorted. After numerous telephone calls to the CSA telling me I would soon be paid out of the blue in January I received a letter saying my case was closed and needed to re-open it.

The reason given for this is that there was another open case for my parents whom had rang the CSA on 6/6/11 telling them my son had moved back in with myself, and were no-longer receiving payments.

I promtly re-opened my case and hundreds of phone calls later (all of which I have had to pay for) I am no further forward.

I learned in June that the CSA had refunded my ex £8000 in March-Surely this should have came to me?

I have wrote letters of complaint, with no successful outcome, I was advised by three separate CSA advisers to make a claim of compensation (thus admitting this was an unacceptable way to treat me) The shut of date for them to collect all information needed was 31st October 2012, I have not heard anything since a letter in September telling me the cut off date. When I enquired about the progress of this I was told that the Financial Department should have been in touch with me making me an offer of compensation. This has never arrived, I rang back and ask for the Financial Departments phone number and was told ‘NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT’

I was told in September verbally and in writing I would receive a payment on 1st October2012 as there was now a deduction of earnings in place. No payment was received so I rang the CSA and they explained to me I was being paid a month in arrears and would be paid on 1st November-again no payment was received. Again I rang the CSA, this time I was told that his employers had until 19th November to send them the payment that was due on 1st October, 19th of November has now come and gone and no payment, Again I rang CSA and was told it takes another 5 working days to process and I would DEFINATELY get a maintanence Payment on 26th November (today) Guess what? yep, no payment. AGAIN I have phone them to be told that the have not received the deduction of earnings and there is no payment in the system.

I would like to think as one of our Forces we could rely on the Navy to be trustworthy, It appears (according to the CSA that they are not paying the CSA as they should be) .

I am owed over £3000 in child maintainance since my son returned to live with us (this figure is used based on the payments the CSA worked out I am entitled to). Not to mention the money I am owed from 1996-2008.

Nothing is being done and the CSA are just ignoring me. Over 20 internal emails have been sent to my case worker requesting her to ring me, she has not contacted me since my letter in September 2012.

There is so much more to this story but it is difficult to write it all down in cronological order.

I would very much appreciate any help you may be able to give me.
Thank you for your time.


  • chall says:


    I would be tempted to apply for your Data Protection File, along with a complete account breakdown. It will cost £10, but you should receive (the agency have 40 consecutive days to for fill your request) all the info the agency hold on you and it may prove beneficial with your fight.
    The account breakdown, should show CSA payments required, received and paid out and you will be able to see if your ex has been paying his liability or not.

    In the meantime, you could write to the agency, informing them that as you have received no further correspondence from them regarding your complaint, you are now requesting the assistance of your local MP and referring your case to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) (link here http://www.ind-case-exam.org.uk/)
    Enclose the correspondence you have to your MP and ICE, along with a clear and concise covering letter and expressing your concerns at the CSA lack of communication.

    Keep copies of all correspondence you send and post signed for (and print off and keep delivery receipts).

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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