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CSA are pathetic!

I split with my ex after 14 years in 2007, we have 2 boys who are now 7 & 9.

He kicked us out of our 3 bed council house ( as it was joint tenancy the council would not make him leave, and I was not willing to take it to court ) we had to move back to my home town and live in my mums house. My ex and I had a bank loan ( stupidly in my name ) he refused to pay anything towards it.

So while he was living in a 3 bed council house for £300 a month rent ( which he eventually got evicted from after putting up a fight, and gave away all the expensive furniture, also in my name ), I am struggling with malicious calls from the bank and trying to support OUR 2 kids.

During this time he was paying £40 a week maintenance ( less than 10 % of his wages, and cash in hand job ). I eventually had to declare myself bankrupt, which is near on impossible trying to get paid wages with no bank account! I was working part-time and at college full-time, out 7 days a week. I asked my ex for more maintenence as we were not affording gas and the kids were cold…he said NO.

It was then I went to the CSA. They assessed the case…..sent me a form saying he should pay £76 a week.

But he didnt…so I repeatedly phoned them. They then went about setting up a DOE…which took months. The day came when a cheque was promised…and of course didnt turn up. CSA tells me my ex is having it re-assessed. I then get another form telling me of the new payments which will be £46 a week? I phone CSA..they tell me he has his g’friends 3 kids to support ( none of them are his and all recieving CSA from their own fathers ).

Day eventually comes when cheque is promised again….of course cheque doesnt arrive. So I phone CSA again…they tell me my ex has filled in a variation form ( I asked the CSA for a variation form 3 times…and never got one ). I then recieve a letter telling me my ex apprently has shared care of our 2 boys as he has them stay over 2 nights a fortnight?

So I phone CSA and tell them he hasnt had the kids stay over for 4 months. But the CSA want proof from ME ??? And if I cant provide them with proof the payments will drop to £26 a week..( baring in mind I havnt recieved ANY money since Nov and it was then March ) I eventually flipped and told the CSA to close the case, because I was not going to degrade my children to accepting £13 each a week, and if their father really thinks that little of them that he is willing to lie to get out of supporting them then thats his problem, I have fed and clothed them, worked and held down a full-time college course and would continue to do so.. as I would not let them go without.

It is now 11 months since I have had any maintenance for my kids, and since he has had them stay over. Yet he drives round in a new fully-loaded Chrysler voyager, goes on holiday, buys his new kids a pony and PS3 ( but wont let our kids have their toys back ).

I am told there is no other option to get maintenance payments, it either has to be private arrangement or CSA. I hope my ex someday has a conscience as to the way he has treated his kids. And to all the decent fathers out there I know how you feel …as I have also been on the other side too ( when I first met my ex he had a 2 year old daughter, and in her case the CSA assessed my wages along with my ex’s, and we had to pay £80 a week for one child and this was back in 1994-95.)

But on the brighter side I now have 3 a-levels, and am doing a foundation degree, my bankruptcy has finished and we are renting a lovely little house.

SOD the CSA..and SOD my ex !

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