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CSA are only in it for the money

The CSA are taking 186 per month thru my emplyer directly – even tho an arrangement has been written up between me and my ex – they are not interested in this and when the former partner kicks pff she contascts the CSA and now we have this arrangement without discussing it with me and they do not care about the fact that the former partner actually denies me access to my son. its a disgrace they dont help they just want there fees and charges paid for.

One thought on “CSA are only in it for the money

  1. £186? Try having £800 a month taken for 1 child. I’m at the point now where I literally think a rope around the neck would be better than paying these cunts for the next 10 years. I don’t see my child either and she doesn’t need my money. I’m in a concil flat and shes in a mortgaged house with calculators on the roof with 2 audis on the drive! They do say though for someone to have a good life someone else has to have a shit one. Fuck the csa if guy fawkes was about I’d pay him to go deal with these money robbing bastards, I hope every member of staff who has ever worked for the CSA or still currently does falls in battery acid and fries.

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