CSA are no better than terrorists!

October 7, 2016

I have been paying through the corrupt useless CSA for years. My liability for my son ended on 1st sept 2016 as he gone to Uni..with this in mind I made numerous calls to them to discuss actual ending dates and making sure no more money would be stolen from my wages.. I obtained a full detailed statement and with worked out I would owe £40.00 which I would pay over the phone when they closed my case etc etc.

I submitted a complaint using one of their envelopes but 5 weeks later I have not even had an acknowledgement..

To my horror money was again taken from my wages which went against everything I had been.. I was then advised I had over £1200 of arrears which which is in fact untrue and I have a statement they had sent me dated upto August 2016.

The CSA is full of incompetent useless thieving scum who don’t have a brain cell between them.

Sadly our employees are just as gutless because they bow down to them and process payments whilst charging us extra for pushing a button..

The CSA needs ripping apart asap before more people get hurt through their actions.

I personally view them in same way I view terrorists and for someone who is normally happy go lucky and quite mellow, it’s a very scary thought.


  • Kev Colley says:

    Have you sorted this mate?

  • J Wright says:

    Not sorted it yet…. They really are the most arrogant and brainless group of people I have had to deal with……
    I spoke tome one on Saturday who says my arrears was £43.85 but £257 was taken from my wages 2 weeks ago so that covers that..
    Today they say it’s being looked into by complex case group ref arrears but when I said they should legally close the deductions of earning order and if they find any arrears it has to be done seperately..
    They even said my detailed statement that they actually provided me could be wrong.. Am sorry but it’s your statement of my account.. Maybe I should phone bank manager and tell him his statements are wrong and I should have millions in lol.

    To make matters worse the payroll at our place are just as useless to be honest.. I given them documentation showing my statement balance as of August 2016 and letter confirming my CSA liability ceased on 1st September

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