CSA are making us homeless

November 1, 2011

In 2007 my Partner received a random letter from the CSA (child support agency) it stated that he did not earn enough money to pay towards the upbringing of a little girl by a women he use to know. My Partner had no contact with the mother of this child and had slept with the mother of this child once (Obviously this was before we had met).He did not know how to contact the mother and the CSA would not give him any details of the mothers because he did not know the Childs date of birth. This was the last time he heard from them up until 28th September this year. When my partner got paid he noticed he was £250 short, he only brings home £1000 a month so this is a lot of money to us. He called the CSA who could not discuss the matter with him because he did not know the child’s name or DOB. We gave them our address (which they did not have) and they sent us a letter with these details. All Previous letters had been going to our old address. We went to the citizen’s advice bureau and they phoned them and explained our financial status but the CSA exclaimed “we do not take your outgoings into consideration”. We explained to them that we have rent to pay (we are currently living in a small studio flat) and because we both work we also pay full Council tax and are not entitled to housing benefit. The lady exclaimed “that’s not my problem”.

We asked for a DNA test on the child and they said that my partner was offered one back in 2007 through telephone conversation but refused?? He did not have a telephone conversation with them and so we asked for the number they called. He gave them his mobile number and they stated it was a different number. They have said we would have to pay privately for a test because of the refusal. My partner explained that we have a 6 month old son and they said they would reduce the weekly payment to £34 but they just up the arrears payments. They have now stated that he owes them over £7000 in arrears and out of £1000 pay this month took £519.

We can’t afford our rent now and no matter how much we speak to them they refuse to take our outgoings into consideration. We do not qualify for legal aid as we both work and thanks to the amount of money they are taking of us we could not afford solicitor fee’s. This has all been going on behind our backs for years and has even been to court where he was ‘presumed parent’. Now that he has been presumed parent even if he does a DNA test and it comes back that this child is not his he will still have to pay!! We are at our wits end and after being told by the CSA, “can you not get a loan out” and “will your family not help you”. We feel like we are having no option other than my partner leaving work because their unworkable amounts of money are making our life intolerable. My partner and I have both always worked and always paid our taxes and with Citizens Advice Bureau not able to do any more we are on our own. We are living in a cramped studio, struggling through every month. The amount of pressure this has put on us is just dreadful and it’s making my partner ill just through the worrying of how we are going to continuously get through every month. How can we get the CSA to come to some sort of agreement that suits everyone?

Why can’t the CSA see that it was clearly not my partner at the end of that phone when asked if he wanted a DNA test? Why can’t two hard working British citizens live a life that is comfortable? What do we do because the CSA are making us homeless? Please Help us.


  • joanne shier says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this, get your mp involved and try citizens advice. Might be worth getting his data file that he is entitled to, cost 10.00 and worth it. Also start making complaints that you have had no correspondence from the csa via recorded mail and email, never talk to them on the phone. Please come and join the guys on fb under csa corruption, and against the csa, got a few ladies going through the same ordeal as you who will help you. The csa make up their own rules, and if you can prove you have heard nothing from this agency hopefully you can get to the bottom of this mess. Good luck.

  • joanne shier says:

    Sorry just read you went to citizens advice, might be worth giving Durham legal services a call, there is a small fee but you talk to someone that is only qualified with handling the csa, and nacsa are probably worth a try too. It’s all wrong, if he isn’t the dad shouldn’t still have to pay, bastards xx

  • louise angelini says:

    Hi 1st think u have 2 do is start fighting they cannot do this 2 u u must put everything in writing. Write to them and request the phone call ur partner made denying he was the father by law they say every call is recorded so they must have a record of it ur partner is entitled to a dna test no matter what and until that happen no payment are allowed 2 be taken if he is NOT the father you r entitled to any payments you have made back if he is you are allowed to pay any arrears back at a sensible rate they are not allowed 2 put a child or a family in hardship speak to ur partners employer we were in the same boat n our employer refused to put us into financial hardship and the csa were refered to the court as yet we are still waiting for that outcome u must keep fighting speak 2 a family law solicitor they no all the ins n outs and your are not alone this happens a lot as they think they can bully you. If you need anyone to talk to search for us on facebook on csahell.com there one of us can help or just b there for you to rant at good luck xx

  • John says:

    The CSA staff are obviously lying through their teeth. (again, why I am surprised?).

    If you can prove their lies, then you are in a very strong position to make them suffer, as they are making you suffer. If and when you go to your M.P. ask him/her to refer your case to the Parliamnetary Ombudsman urgently. Also ask your M.P. to raise your case with the leader of the House of Commons George Young.

    I read in the last few days that an M.P, has referred several of his contituents cases to George Young because of CSA incompetence and maladministration by causing them to suffer!

    it’s not over. Do not give up and do not speak to the CSA by phone. Get everything in writing!

  • charlotte says:

    Thank you for the support everyone, I have an appointment with the MP and have now started writing to the csa instead of talking to the incompetant and unhelpful staff on the phone. I just think this whole system is fraud and a complete and utter joke. We all need to do something about this and take it higher!

  • joanne shier says:

    Charlotte, please join us on fb, get more help and advice away from prying eyes. Jo

  • John says:

    Charlotte please keep us updated with your M.P. visit , and any action that is taken!

    Good luck!

  • Janet Short says:

    Stick with it Charlotte, I totally agree with seeing your MP after all that’s what they’re there for and the more people go to them with these CSA problems eventually something may be done. Wishing you the very best of luck, keep us posted.

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