CSA are making my kids homeless to pay for someone else’s

October 6, 2010

My partner is paying for 3 children, 11 , 14 and 18 – 18year old is on the dole and still has to pay! we have 1 baby and a 3.5 year old. The csa are destroying us and causing are 2 children to live in poverty! We can barely afford to feed them and since the csa upped his payments our kids have not had 1 single treat! Since this our eldest child’s behaviour has really gone bad and I think its partly because we cant afford a nice family day out ect or special treats! I’m taking the car off the road next week because ‘they’ (csa) need paying and cant tax the car so this will result in me not being able to get our child to nursery for the 15 free hours of child care (no buses where we live – car is a must but the csa have seen to that one for me!)

Iv now today told my partner to get his payments down or simply refuse to pay – we have missed payments on the mortgage and other bills and soon our 2 children will loose the roof over their head and that is unacceptable.

I will happily stand up in court and tell the judge and the csa just what misery and unhappiness the csa have brought us and how my kids are in poverty. THE CSA ARE CORRUPT AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER KIDS NOT NAMED IN YOUR CASE- BEWARE


  • brokenfather says:

    To be fair it’s not the CSA that dont care about second families, it was the Government. The CSA only oberate the rules they are given my MP’s. To change it you must harass your MP!

    I do agree completely with the absurdity of it though. Using your situation and CS2 calculations ,,,,,,

    The liability for his first 3 children that do not live with him is 25% of his pay. He gets a 20% discount off that for his 4th & 5th children that do live with him. How can the government claim that his share of the cost of his first 3 children is 20% of his pay but his share of the cost of his 4th & 5th is only 5% of his pay.

    Its crazy and clearly discriminates against second families.

  • Alfred Junor says:

    has he always paid?….what percentage of his wages do they take?

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    i wish yuo all the best and especially your kids, the most inportant thing, go to court and have your day, dont bother with a barrister, speak yourself and the judge will be sypathetic. Take care

  • Tracy Jackson says:

    No, once a child has left full time education and child benefit has stopped child maintenance also stops. The csa have to be told the dates. Then as 4 children are involved maintenance should be taken @ 25% of net weekly wage and divided between the four children. Ask for a reassessment. Dont think a 3 yr old would be having tantrums because they're not getting a treat or a day out… they're spoilt if they are! Its probably because of the tension and anger its all causing. You dont say if the pwc has a partner because if not, she's probably in just as much financial hardship as you. Good luck.

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