CSA are making my CHILD pay!

October 16, 2014

Two stories here, and one against the other dont make sense. My ex partner has avoided CSA for over 16 years, they caught up with him, he said he was ill and now gets benefits, paysl £5 a week and £1 arrears.

He gets £72.45 a week to himself. Me , hubby and child are newly self employed with zero income and live on tax credits and working tax credits of £147 a week. An assessment was done and we pay £30 a week to CSA for my partners children x 2 (assessment and £7 arrears through their cock-up)as ALL income, even our son (who lives with us) money is taken into account.

So technically my seven year old is paying for his siblings. I wrote to House of Commons as no joy with the CSA and told to look or a part time job whilst setting up our business….surely this can’t be right, looks life is easier benefits….what a joke!!!!