CSA are liars

August 12, 2010

I have asked the CSA to re asses my ex , he pays 15.50 per week for each of my teo children based on the fraudulant wage slipd he paid twenty to have made.

He said he earns 174 pounds per week.

He owns his own business, he does not and never has paid tax, they will not ask for tax retuns, he works in a market, bought 2 years old 3 ton mercedes van, he drives a bmw, he owns over 3/4 of a million pounds in property which according to a paper article he earns £4,000 pounds per month as a slum lord housing eastern european imigrants. He has told them he is not married and has no dependants.. wrong.. he is married with four children his wife who he lives in one of his properties with claims benefit as a single parent and is provided for by this goverment.

I have given them proof of this and they refuse to listen, they will not asses him again, I typed in his name and the news articles just popped up. why cant they just do it? All that from £ 174 pounds I have heard of stretching your pounds but they must be stupid its reaks of fraud and my children are suffering.


  • Brokenfather says:

    “I have asked the CSA to re asses my ex , he pays 15.50 per week for each of my teo children based on the fraudulant wage slipd he paid twenty to have made.”

    You should consider yourself fortunate he contributes anything at all considering they apper not to be his children …..

  • KarlGarrett says:

    There seems to be a common theme of “my children” across all the PWC’s communications 🙁 This begs a bigger, deeper issue I think.

  • Helen Rattray says:

    Oh yes the fictious wage slip..yep I know that one two whilst living on a below minmum wage scam!Contact your MP and send them your evidence and tell them what is going on. As the CSA is topical in the house at present now is the time to do it.

  • Gill Baxter says:

    Sounds very like my case by the time the csa got around to doing anything the payments that where to be made were so high my child's father refused to pay,quit his job and went self employed this is because they cant attach a d.e.o if ur self employed!! He now pays 60 a month instead of the 400 that was calculated altho has changed his car 3 times in 6 months been on holiday and weekend breaks. Csa say it is down to me to provide evidence that he is paying for these things how would u ever do that! So he gets away with 25 grand in arrears and they do nothing

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    The CSA can contact the Inland Revenue to find out what peoples P60 figures are so if he is in full time employment and making up his wages, there are ways of checking this. Worth asking the CSA to check this out maybe …good luck x

  • Helen Rattray says:

    Maxine that is correct but it assumes that all taxes are honestly paid ad the employment not factious

  • Emma says:

    My daughter is 14 on Sunday. We have never received a penny from her father, (I kicked him out after he had been violent when my daughter was 5 month’s old). The CSA say they are not able to trace him. They have done nothing. I have received two phonecalls in 14 years from the CSA asking me if I know where he is! If I knew, I would be holding him upside down and catchin g the change from his pockets! What a crock!

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