CSA are letting her doss around while we pay up

July 11, 2014

After always paying child support my husbands daughter decided to cancel h mothers claim at age 18 and make her own,this decision was taken only because the daughter kept asking for more and more money and he could not afford to keep giving it.she was already getting bursary, 30 pound a week from her mother,20 from her grand who she lives with and 25 from us,we have a 2 yr old whiskey child tax was Used while calculating how much she should get and despite saying we would get reduction for our child he is now paying 40 pound a week,well supposed to but due to them not sending out the standing order form and many phone calls from us requesting it,this caused arrears so is paying almost 70 pound a week on a wage of under 200 pound a week.

Her course is now finished and after calling them to tell them this,they now say her maintenance wont be reviewed till September as that is the end of the financial year!! So she dosses around for another 3 months while we pay her.her mother is claiming child benefit even tho she doesn’t live there,but when we reported it we were told it can take over a year to investigate!! She has boasted on Facebook about all the new designer clothes she has been getting and that the more money she gets the less our 2 year old gets.If they do review it in September she will just tell them she has applied on another course which she hasn’t but they take her word for it,they don’t contact the college,so we could be paying for another year while she sits about and does nothing! Her mother will continue to claim child benefit so his daughter will keep getting maintenance! We have no leg to stand on as the college said they cant give out info on whether she attends due to data protection but CSA can divulge to her how much her dad earns!! He was actually paying his ex 300 Pound a month on a 200 pound a week wage for a long time before he got into debt and wasbadvised by his lawyer to contact CSA who reduced it to 29 pound a week,when she was 16,but now taking a ridiculous amount!! We have never objected to paying for her but its the dishonesty and nastiness on her part.

This all came about because we stopped his daughter having contact with ours because when she wasn’t gettinh her own way she became very abusive,damaged my car,threatened me AMD my daughter and tried to let down the tyre under where our daughter sits,she has hated me from day knew and tried split us up on numerous occasions but when our daughter was born I gave her the benefit of the doubt.I jut feel it so unfair that we have to pay this till September when she has left college.


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    Am well aware kids cost money but the fact that she only went to csa because her dad genuinely could not afford to give her more and more every week and that she only wants it coz the more she gets the less my child gets – her words not mine! Her dad has always paid for her!! He was actually paying triple what he should have Bn on the wage he was getting till his lawyer put a stop to that.Its also the fact that she has lied continually in order to get money for cigarettes and drink, tried to say she couldn’t afford bus dates which were 7.50 a week on 80
    Pound a week which is what she was getting between us, her mum n her gran plus a bursary! Her mum
    Had already found drugs on her so knew that’s where the mney was going between that and cigarets and drink, she was kicked out of college on the course she was on before for harassing and bullying other students and only got allowed bk to do another course because she said she was getting angers segment which she never turned up for.so basically she can call csa n tell them she’s on another course on august when we all know she is not going bk, and rather than check with the college, they will tk her word for it , what we have the problem with is paying the money when we know she is only entitled to it while in education which she’s not any more!! N had she Bn respectful and took what we were giving her every week instead of getting greedy and wanting more we would have happily helped her our with whatever we could afford, well past the time when she left college but all we got was abuse and her dad got physical as well as verbal abuse from her that she was going to mk sure that our daughter who was only a year old at the time would be left with nothing and that she would go to social services and have her taken away because if we didn’t have her then we would be giving her more!! I mean seriously who can b that vile to a 2 yr old! The police have Bn called on her on more than one occasion both by us, fir damaging the car and threatening myself and my daughter who was then only months old all because she wasn’t getting her own way , and by other ppl for abusive threatening behaviour.At the end of the day my husband is legally required to pay for her until age 20 if she’s in f.t wducation- but she’s not!! And like I said if she hadn’t done all
    This n treated us the way she had we would have happily helped her out with what we could afford, but she has now caused us to
    Be in hardship because of her actions while she swans about in nothing but designer clothes with a fag in her hand every time we c her.but she is the one who will ultimately suffer because if she gets in any trouble or needs help she has alienated her family- even grandparents, she has lost her relationship
    With her dad, she will never b allowed to see her step sister and things could have Bn so different.She had two families who loved her and would have done all they could for her , now tge only person she has left is her mum and even she doesn’t trust her, she refuses to wave her alone with her little brother because she was hurting him, and stealing from his piggy bank.Her mum
    Has Bn reported for fraudulently claiming child benefit for her daughter living there when she’s not, and all this because she wants to go out drinking every night but wants everyone else to pay for it and can’t stand the fact that we have another child.she admitted she only went to csa so that our child would get less, if she had genuinely needed the money fair enough but she was getting money every week from us as well as all tge other money she was getting and was being taken here there n everywhere that she wanted to go.But jealousy of another child is a terrible thing, especially a baby.

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