CSA are less than useless

March 19, 2012

I have had a lot of trouble with the csa dealing with them for 10 years!! They are less than useless, I got them involved when my ex husband stopped paying, they were totally useless I had to keep ringing them. In the meantime me and my ex husband started talking again and decided to do it between ourselves on the amount the csa arranged.

We both phoned them up and told them we would do it between ourselves and they were no longer needed so to write that we were on our own. I also have another case with them that is ongoing and a few months went by I noticed I was getting payments and I assumed it was from my other case no letter being received, some 6 months later I get a phone call saying that I owe £3000 I was fuming it so happens that the csa was taking money from mjy ex husband without our agreement or consent. I thought it was the other case so didn’t say anything!

Now the csa say that they are not responsible, but where did they come up with that amount, they were told to take us off their case file! So who is wrong and who owes the money to my ex husband?


  • Carol says:

    That is ridiculous! The CSA are a joke of an Agency and seem to be unworkable whether you are a NRP or PWC.

    I would write a letter of complaint to them. You never received any correspondence, didn’t know who the money was from etc. Also let them know due to their error this will cause you serious financial hardship

    Unfortunately though I would think ultimately you would be responsible to repay any overpayment.

  • Tina says:

    bit confused, do you mean the ex-husband who has been payin you directly has also been payin through csa? did he not notice money being taken off him? he must have known he was basicaly payin twice surely?

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