CSA are leaving me with a fiver a week for food

January 31, 2018

Got wages yesterday and now paying csa I get £1500 per month and now I have this csa To pay at £100 per week I can’t afford to live Got flat council tax etc . I no there my children I’ve not seen them since 22/07/16 and now get this .ive worked out all My finances with out petrol and food Once everything is pay wow I’m left with £25 It costs me £20 per week petrol to get to work So I have £5 a week for food . I can’t get deposits for new smaller flat now . Don’t no what to do now Lives shot.


  • David Joseph says:


    I saw your post and it really is a dismal situation you have found yourself in there. It appears that this is not your fault. You must not panic. Whatever approach one makes to the CMS/CSA, it must be pragmatic and unemotional. They do not care how you feel or how your circumstances are affecting you. They simply want your money.

    Clearly you need some guidance – contact me at [email protected] if you need assistance.


  • David A Liddell says:

    Just sick to the teeth what can I do give up flat I can’t afford live in my car till I’ve got money for flat ..a roof over my head lol . they don’t care as long as there getting there cut …I’ve no family no one. To run to bet ex wife running to her parents for help
    David Liddell

  • David says:

    David do you want help to fight back? I have still not had a request from you for assistance with this. You can complain about the CSA/CMS all you want but unless you take massive action to counteract what they are doing, you will continue to head toward a downward spiral. Things will get worse not better unless you seek help.

    Here is my email again: [email protected]


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