CSA are giving him the last laugh

February 25, 2014

My ex partner requested a court order to see our 2 sons as he said he would have no contact unless a c/o was in place … We got to final hearing stage … A week before this he cancelled his participation… He then said that he would see the boys on his terms without being dictated to by the court…. My 11 year old said fair enough and asked him twice if he would take him out for tea… He declined again saying he was then being dictated to by me… No win situation. Csa were taking a detachment of earnings at this point … He then got made redundant in June 13

I was contacted by csa to say payments would stop he was in arrears as he had lied to them saying he had finished work earlier than he had… I was assured that this would stay an open case and that he had been strongly advised to inform them when he started work. He set up his own company … Changed his mobile number and me moved house not informing them of any of these changes. I contacted the csa at the end of October of which they said they would write to him … I provided his new address… The name of company that he had set up…. They wrote and got no response…. At no point did they communicate this to me so I rang again at the end of November to be told that they would wrote again and as they had details that he was a co director they stated that they would write again stating that as he had not responded they I would be awarded 35 a week for my 2 children. I again heard nothing so contacted them in January to say that that had not happened as they could not prove an income. They then said that they would put a trace on him and contact the inland revenue to find out if he had an income… I further phone at the end of jan 14 to be told that they had not done this but they then wrote to his alleged employer who provided details of a small income… They awarded 22 p week and I received a letter stating this mid feb

I have since phoned them today As the last letter stated that they had written to him requesting his preferred method of payment . He is still ignoring all correspondence. I have during my conversation today been informed that thru will issue him with a warning letter…. Frustration doesn’t even cover it as I was told that they do not have the time to follow up on the non compliant as their main priority is to answer the phone. That have done nothing other than state that they will issue another letter…… 4 months later we are still at letter writing stage…. Where are the powers that it seems they can excersise. They it seems answer the phone. Make a promise that time constraints seem to dictate their lack of conclusion and each time I have to follow up with another phone call to no avail.

Where do I go …. What can I do. Other than be 2 parents to my kids manage a 50 hour week to fully support them with no recourse or responsibility placed on my ex… His final text being I am spending summer playing golf and you have received your last ever penny child maintenence from me…ha ha…… Csa seem to be giving him the last laugh!!!!


  • stevo says:

    where did you find the laws tthat allow you to harass a person for tje solereaspn as to procure MONEY from them. I dont recall you having special powers to steal personal information and pass it on to someone else for them to harass either. You like so many greedy lazy PWCs are law breaking sponging fat hopeless people , you ought to stay clear from sending stolen harassing information on to the csa as it will habe to be released in court should he pursue you as a crank, wont look good if there is a residency challenge that my little lovely cherub.

  • Karen says:

    Stevo. I at no point in my post resorted to name calling as you seem fit in yours. I suggest that if you have nothing other than insults to post that you do so to someone other than a professional woman whom works 50 hours a week. Is a slender size 10 and thinks her children will benefit from mum being around an additional 10 hours a week as I had my children to be a mother to them. No man or woman should have the right to decide they one day no longer want to be a parent emotionally or financially …. Sadly there are a small minority that do.

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