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CSA are disgusting and ignorant and should be prosecuted!

I deposited £6000 in my bank and two days later CSA took it and put in aholding account.yes I owe some arrears but I had to start again since the split with my wife.she has claimed that my son was attending a 2 year collrge course which he never attended.i have been charged for this and CSAowe me around £3000 but they refuse to listen to me.i am getting help from my MP now.CSA are disgusting and ignorant and fleece the fathers that are easy targets to make up for those who do not pay and are crafty enough to know the scams not to pay or be found.CSA should be prosecuted for stealing off poor vulnerable men and are the worst people in the world to deal with.someone change this thieving organisation!

One thought on “CSA are disgusting and ignorant and should be prosecuted!

  1. That’s terrible. How did they get details to your bank? Was it a current account?
    It’s just criminal.

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