CSA are dictators

May 26, 2010

csa has got to be one of the most badly run government departments there is.

csa dose not want to see or have any contract with only on their trims i have offer to pay these morrons put becauee i what to deliver the chaque in person thay have sent my no paymeant to a  collection people you wiil never win with these morrons because there is so bad manger. in ther eyes if you spilt with your wife or parter it dose not matter what you you are an easy picking for them on matter how much you have paided thay will come for more and if cas can do it with law then csa will do anyway thay can.

This last govement has sent our troops to fight against these dicators and yet we have one right on your own door step with the csa. If want to know anything the csa will only tell what thay want to and the most common card the csa will use rigth to information act. I am going to do my best to get this departmeant to be more answerable.

What’s more is these poeple who are runing these department we as tax payers are paying ther wagers. I know that if i did my job as badley as the csa do theres would never have a job. All anyone is asking for is a level playing field.