CSA are arrogant legalised thieves

February 13, 2011

My husband is being a downright nasty person HE took our son from our house not really giving the boy any choice he has brainwashed the child into not wanting to see me He’s refused to pay any of the mortgage for the house He’s had 2 holidays to Egypt and numerous others down south and he has about £12,000 of our cars tools equipment and motorcycles which he removed from the house (Yes I agreed but I thought I’d get to see my Son if I did)

I earn £870 a month the bills to maintain the house,(which he will have nothing to do with), feed me and transport me to my work are £973 a month which I get help via working tax credit and my parents help me

So how can those thieving Inhuman unfeeling BASTARDS at the CSA take £33 a WEEK off me Where am I meant to find it I’ve just spent the last hour in tears after a phone call to them to make arrangements of sme sort. I have never been left feeling less than something you step in by accident

I am disgusted in the lack of humanity shown by these “civil servants”

And If you do have any Answers –> on a postcard to ME the small shoebox in the corner of the garden County Down N Ireland!


  • lyn says:

    Sorry to read your story. I really hope you get to see your Son it must be heart breaking for you.

    Believe me I have been crying every night for over a year now because of the way these bastards treated my ex partner. They took his house and if that was not enough they are still pursuing him for more money.

    The Mother is an evil Cow and all she wants is money money money.

    Dont let them get you down, just concentrate on building your relationship with your Son and send him letters and cards

    Good luck

  • Mikw Williams says:

    Not Sure why anyone accepts what the CSA do..You all have basic rights. No person is above our laws..if they take your money and they are not legally entitled..its easy.>go to your local Police whose sole role is to uphold our Laws, not to pre-judge who is right…who is wrong and charge the person doing it with theft. The Police cannot refuse..if..they then charge the Police. These are your basic rights.

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