CSA are a total sham!

September 14, 2015

Eight year old daughter 2 thousand in arrears and first childs dad escapes paying 19 quid a week despite being earning attached.

The second dad to my son, paid for one month and has now refused me anything else and the csa are doing nothing!!!

Both losers left us in lots of debt which is crippling us and costing a fortune in phone calls to get our own money its disgusting!!!!!!the first father lives with two of the kids he is paying for so he doesnt have to pay me as much the csa are aware but have done nothing its a total sham.


  • Lisa says:

    This makes me laugh! You call them both loses yet you laid down with them both and created children with them! If you can’t afford your kids or can’t cope financially hand them over to their dad’s bet they wouldn’t ask you for money! And as all claimants have been told do not rely on csa payments they aren’t or might not be regular and are an extra luxury if you get them! The payments aren’t for you they aren’t owed to you they are for your kids hence the name child support agency not ex wife support

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