CSA are a law unto themselves

March 18, 2011

My husband has beeen accused of owing 2.5 thousand. We did not know about this until 2yrs ago. I’ve been fighting his case for 7 yrs, the last 18mths my local mp has been involved. We were offered 2 payments and countless apologies. I sent the payments back and they admitted liability, for information going to old addresses on numerous occassions.

I was asked to proove that we didnot owe this money, which i did. They said because the details are correct on their system there was nothing we could do, they keep on putting a deduction of earnings order on my husband’s wages, once again we have been paying so called arrears for the last 18mths.

It’s been stopped twice, then continued again for no reason. We have had numerous breakdowns of payments made and everyone is different, there is so much that have happened in the last 7 yrs, but because they are a law unto their self, they are getting away with all the misery they cause. In this case it comes down to three main issues: all three were caused by csa agents not doing their job.

We were told that 0n 2 occasions information has gone missing because of computer meltdowns, since 2003 this has been happening. We need all the help we can get as we are at the end of not knowing where to turn.


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. and highlight your case an yet another example of wh?y the shambolic CSA has to be shut down!

    The more that do this the more chance of the ‘not fit for purpose’ system being binned!

  • Matt says:

    Ive having the same old problems over paid by thousands, going to tribunal and winning but still they cock up. the latest is they have mixed my case up with a lady I have never had the pleasure of meeting let alone fathering a child…..I have also recieved compensation. NACSA have been really helpful-try there website for info.

    You are corrrect they are a waste of space.

    Ive got a good MP who is on there case. Ive also copy in the prime minister (Blair, Brown & Cameron in all complaints. The CSA do not like any parliamentrary involvement as parliament could get rid of them, especially in a recession.

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