CSA applying for order of sale

September 26, 2011

My husband has always supported his first son and his ex partner has never wanted to go through the CSA as she was happy with this arrangement, but now he is 18 they are trying to get my husband to pay £19.000 and they are getting an order of sale on our family home where we live with our other 4 children.

I’m very worried about this and how it will affect my children if we have to move out. I can’t believe that they can do this as its half my house and its something that i thought would be split into 5 for the children in the future to help them in life, but it seems like the government want to create more people claiming housing and benefits as a result of them allowing these ‘orders of sale’ on peoples properties.

It’s very upsetting and it seems like know one cares. I have even asked the local MP for help he did ask the CSA for a full explanation of the situation and got a reply and said he could not do any more!

We will never be able to get a home like this that we have worked hard to get for our family if we are forced out 🙁


  • John says:

    You must not believe anything the CSA say! Unfortunately, you may have to ask a solicitor for advice, and even then they may not be able to do anything.

    Dumping thousands of poundsworth of debt on to decent, honest people is a disgrace. They dumped £6,500 of debt on to me because THEY made a mistake.

    In the past I have written to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in Strabourg, to highlight the fact that the CSA is breaching our right to a private family life. They accepted my complaint, but wanted me to go through UK court systems…..and as we all know they are ‘rigged’ in favour of the CSA with corrupt people paid by the CSA!

    I can only suggest that you complain to the EHRC either personally or through a solicitor and attempt to have the CSA stopped in their tracks!

  • martin dell says:

    pop over to dead beat dads assciotion and look at the link regarding this matter

  • rach says:

    hi tracy so sorry to hear you are going through this it makes my blood boil hearing the csa making children homeless, get in touch with NACSA asap as they have a list of solicitors that defend orders of sale and they will also go through all your paperwork and see if theres any thing the csa has messed up with . In the meantime i suggest you appeal this debt of £19000 as the csa wil not beable to enforce the debt whilst an appeal is going through. Good luck hun xx

  • Miles says:

    Is this because she (the ex) was on benefits?

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