CSA and their many hiccups

February 23, 2012

My husband has full custody of his three daughters. He did not initially. He has been diligently paying his back child support for the past three years. We have recently received a notice from the courts that one of the cases has been paid and closed. The very next week CSA deducted $2000.00 from his bank account. They said it was a hiccup in the system. What?1?! Now he is in the red by $1700.00 and owes a $100.00 over draft fee.

In addition, he has to miss work at least once a month because they say he’s not paying. Yet there is money deducted from his paycheck every week.

To make matters worse, we have not heard a word on last years tax returns. We know they should have gone to help pay down his back payments but according to the IRS they have no idea what is going on. They say it is still being processed over a year later? Now we have a tax advocate. My question is . . . Is there a CSA advocate. I realize there are many dead beats out there trying to dodge their responsibilities. We actually want to make the proper amends but the “system” keeps putting roadblocks up. Please help. I am also concerned as to what may happen to this years returns. Still haven’t heard a word. We would like that money to help finish paying off the second case. We are at a loss. We just are trying to do the next right thing and it seems as if they just want to shut the door in our faces.


  • mr.pink says:

    If you were not advised the amount was going to be deucted, you can contact tthe bank and insist they return the money.

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