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CSA and the whole system are only here to ruin lives

Firstly, the security settings up for contact with the CSA is a joke. Every single person in the world has less security on their bank account, that’s fact. 13 questions you have to have answers to, such as ‘your favourite band’,’your favourite singer’, I mean come on! Seriously, I’m not a fan of music, I don’t have a memory that registers actors and singers particularly, yet I can tell you my bank or phone passwords are a mixture of numbers and letters amounting to 15 characters. To have to know these 13 answers of varying types (quite childish ones) on the off chance you’re contacted by these life bullies is ridiculous. Their reply to my questioning of this method is to ‘carry the answers on paper with me wherever I go’. Yes of course! So I must remember to add this list to my daily tasks and put it in my suitcase should I go anywhere!! Ludicrous and quite full of self importantance aren’t they!
Secondly, they won’t supply copies of phone conversations unless requested by a solicitor, which they know full well people won’t do because it costs money, which they haven’t got because of them!
Thirdly, I can guarantee that people have spoken to someone within the CMEC/CSA, whom after being questioned on the morality or fairness of their judgement, will most definitely give a ‘personal’ answer and defer from their protocol of not becoming personally involved. Hence the request for copies of phone conversations! I’ve questioned their directness and the fact that they should take into account individual circumstances, such as ongoing court cases for access, which will also give judgement on maintenance amounts…. Yet they do not take this into account and they will not hold off, even if a legal case is ongoing. They won’t take into account that I once had my children to stay overnight, for alot more than 52 nights a year (which by the way, is one of their own criteria for lowering payments), however this is unimportant as I would have them everyday if I could, but that’s a battle for another day. To mention anything like this to them, you will get ‘personal’ replies such as ‘is it fair for your children to not be paid for?’ Which really boiled my blood and this is what they want, so they can hang up the phone when you say ‘how dare you’ and become irate. There’s many more ‘personal’ statements, too many to list.
Thirdly, should you have any altercations with them, they may block your phone number! Seriously, I have proof. I received phone messages whilst at work, stating that I needed to get in touch within a certain time frame or they would continue action against me. So, of course it’s best to keep communication lines open, I called them back. The result being countless ‘busy’ replies to my calls. It rang engaged every single time I called. I decided to screen shot my phone screen when I called. This recorded the time, number being called and the ‘busy’ message on screen. I decided to withhold my number by dialling theirs with the 141 pre-fix. Again I screen shotted without the pre-fix getting the ‘busy’ response and then 30 seconds later using the 141 pre-fix and actually getting through to the call options! Thus proving they have used underhanded tactics to delay my right to respond effectively to their demands. Sickening.
Fourthly, their mailing tactics. Anyone else had the old statement on the phone ‘you haven’t responded to our many letters’? What letters??? They haven’t sent any! It’s strange how I receive some but not all and the address is still the same! That’s not all though…. Some of the letters you’ll receive, no doubt will be back dated? Usually 3-4 days old by the time you receive them? Again, cutting your ability to respond effectively within a time frame given by them.

It all disgust me. How can a so called free and modern world today, have a government and its departments that act like secret agencies with the power of God? It’s absolutely sickening to see what they’re capable of and nobody can touch them.

People kill themselves over this, it’s horrible.

I believe people have a duty to pay for their families, past, future and present. But there needs to be a strict rule in place that covers the differing economical areas. For instance, people in London will earn more than people in Lincoln, therefore, the cost of bringing up a child in London will be higher than one in Lincoln. Therefore the payments should reflect this. The cost of living is higher in London, so the payments should be higher. Basically there should be balance in the respective areas. A properly in London for 200k would be the equivalent of a 70k property elsewhere. So the cost of living payments need to reflect this. What I’m saying is, there should be flat figures based on the cost of bringing a child up in certain areas… Which would come into line with the affordability of what a typical male/female would earn in those areas. It should NOT be bases on a percentage of what a person earns!! If a person is earning 100k a year, who the hell says the child of that person needs 10k a year to be brought up?? Where as a person who earns 30k a year, their child only requires 3k??? Where’s the percentage come from??? Why are people being classed based on their earnings? It discrimination at its finest!! The payments should be based on the cost of living, not the monies earned. If the child moves, then payments should be recalculated, but there should also be a cap so as to not have a persons life be played with by ex partners. For instance, someone should not be able to move from a low cost area to a high cost area and still expect a rise in payments. Unfortunately if you want to improve your standard of living, you should do what everyone else has to and improve that yourself! Not rely on others to do it for you.

In a nutshell, the whole system is wrong and needs addressing properly, before more lives are ruined and lost due to a government body that has a God complex.

2 thoughts on “CSA and the whole system are only here to ruin lives

  1. The csa and the government are just lying scum. My ex looking back was the biggest thieving lying slag under the sun and iv suffered since the divorce it was the bestthimg I ever did to divorce the piece of shit she robbed and thieved off my mom who was a pensioner at the time I told the police no proof so cant do anything but she can have me arrested for having a go at her to try and get the momey back its all just set up for lying scum I urge anyone out there who feels they have been persecuted to tell the csa to go and fuck there selves they really are a bunch of parasitic moron brain dead lowlives .so lads stand up for your selves and u do havea right to a normal life no matter who u are or what u do people need to know this women are just slimy users who know how to use the system so there free to go and do it to some other unsuspecting mug

  2. By the way shes name lisa rochelle who currently lives in friesland lane brownhills so be aware she will have kids with anyome for the momey too lasy and bome idle to work

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