CSA and the ‘Current Earnings’ Scheme

June 18, 2010

I have a 16 Month old Daughter for which i am currently fighting for full residence. I have been paying maintenance for the duration and have seen my daughter on a regular basis with an average of around 27 Hours a week and between 1 and 3 overnight stays per week.

Recently my daughters mother has contacted the CSA in an attempt to cause inconvenience for myself as she believes im only fighting for residence to annoy her (not the case).

The CSA requested i provide proof of earnings by submitting my last 3 pay slips to provide an accurate Current Earnings, It just so happens the 3 payslips they requested were the best i have ever had, With a Winter of severe weather bringing in a lot of work (Bodyshop, Motor Trade) meaning i was working 60-70 hour weeks and gaining some considerable bonus’ along the way. For 2 of the 3 months my wage was double my normal earnings and now they are trying to ‘TAX’ me for the what they feel is a ‘fair sum’ from the pay slips earnings.

I have explained that now work is back to normal so are my wages and therefore they need to re-evaluate my current earnings as the ‘fair sum’ they are trying to make me pay is no longer optainable, although i have requested they re-evaluate they have not done so.

A letter came this morning (June 15th) ordering me to start making payments of said ‘fair sum’ as of the 16th of June!!!

I have never spoken to my so called ‘Case Worker’ and after a number of requests for them to contact me direct i have had no luck, they claim to have called me and got no response on a number of dates, for which i have pulled my phone records which have no acknowledgement of these calls.

Is it just me or is this Ridiculous and extremeley Unreasonable???