CSA and ex both knew I was overpaying and said nothing. This is fraud!

February 1, 2018

I had to pay my ex about £600 in arrears which mostly built up due to csa being incompetent, we stopped using the csa to make payments and started doing it directly through our banks, when I spoke to csa they told me I had to carry on paying my normal csa payment each week plus the £10 each week for the arrears that I owed and if I didn’t then they could make me start paying through them again which I really didn’t want as they are useless.

I paid this for about a year and a half when one day my ex started threatening me because I wouldn’t give her my payslips as she took them in her house and took pictures of them before, I told her that I would show them to csa but not her so she said she was going to call csa, so I thought I would phone them first as I knew they would reduce my payments and I needed to ask about the arrears I owed.

so I phoned csa they agreed that my payment would be reduced and I asked about the arrears, they told me as long as I had paid every week then my arrears would be cleared which I had so this further reduced my weekly payments but I had also over paid which I was told I would not be able to claim back but they hadn’t bothered to phone me to tell me I had paid off the arrears its only because I asked that I found out so I could of ended up paying a lot more.

about 4-8 months passed maybe and I received a call or a letter telling me that I still owed about £250 as I had only paid about £350 off of the arrears I argued this and told them that I was told by someone at the csa that I had paid it off which they then wanted me to send in bank statements to show that I had paid it off, so I did this and they told me that I still owed the money so I argued it again and sent them off my bank statements and again they told me I still owed the money they couldn’t give me any reason why I owed the money just that I owed the money this was all around the time that csa was closing down as well and it seemed as if they just couldn’t be asked to sort it out, I had actually recorded some of their calls and eventually told one of them that I was recording her as she was acting all shady and she told me that I hadn’t asked her permission and had to end the call.

I also got put through to someone not part of the csa but was passed through from someone at the csa to this person, I had a statement from the csa of what I had paid and my bank statements in front of me I went through with this lady who was actually more help then anyone I have ever spoke to do with csa or cms but anyway she told me the dates of which I had started paying csa directly to my ex and and how much I was meant to be paying and then when my payment went up at a later date which was the time I mentioned previously when my ex took my payslips and took pictures of them but these dated didn’t match up to when my payments increased my ex had told me that my payment had gone up as she spoke to csa but csa had no record of this up until the point of when I phoned them to ask about my arrears, she had lied about how much I had to pay and csa could obviously see I was paying a lot more than what I should have as well as there only record of what I had to pay up until that point was say £20 a week but she told me it should have been £40, the lady also agreed with me from what I could tell her that my statement clearly show I have paid it off and even she seem confused of why no one could see this.

a few more months passed and we was now with cms I thought maybe they figured out I didn’t owe this money any more as no one had got hold of me about it but then cms tell me that I now owe this £250 that has been carried over from csa so again I argued it with them that I didn’t owe it to which they asked for statements and any other proof I had which was the statement csa had sent me with what I had paid, this then got passed to the csa not to cms to have a look at and again they said I still owe the money so I argued it again and started asking for an appeal which they started to get all funny about.

this then got passed on to some other team not part of the csa or cms to have a look at and they told me that I still owed the money I think I then appealed this and sent them a really long letter explaining why I don’t owe this money that I had over paid in arrears that I owed and because she had lied about how much I was meant to pay I had also over paid and that there is no way that I owe her money any more and that she actually owes me money.

eventually I got a call from someone saying that my ex has agreed that I do not owe the money but because when cms took over because they said I owed the £250 still I had to keep paying it up until it was either resolved or paid off so I was again over paying her to which I was also told if I didn’t pay it they would double it every time but anyway because I had over paid this money as well they would reduce my payments, they wouldn’t reduce it for any of the other times that I had over paid her though.

my ex knew the whole time that I had paid her off, csa and other parts of the dwp agreed that I had paid it off over information I had given on the phone she was blatantly trying to steal money from me through the csa and csa were clearly allowing her to do this surely this is fraud and nothing has been done about it and I don’t know if I can do anything about it I really need some advice.

I could probably write a book about all the problems I have had with csa and there is a lot more I would have liked to of added in this things that linked to all of this as well.

thank you for your time and I’m sorry if any of this sounds confusing but ive tried to explain as well as I could I started writing things and then remembering other things.


  • David says:

    Hi Tony

    The CSA are masters of conflicting advice and confusion. From their very inception, their plan had been to extract as much money from fathers as possible. Believe as when I say that it has nothing to do with child poverty. They are creating poverty, not alleviating it. They are making it difficult for fathers to

  • David says:

    Hi There

    The CSA/CMS are masters at confusion. They make you feel guilty and culpable to alleged arrears people do not even owe. They target father who has already paid because they are “soft targets”. They always pay.

    The CMS wants all you have and make it difficult to have and maintain second families. I see how father’s (and some mothers) struggle every day to make ends meet. This draconian system needs to abolished if we are to stand a chance of rebuilding our nation and social cohesion. Without stable families, we have an unstable society and the likelihood of a despotic government. That is exactly what we are experiencing today. Unless we fight this thing, as well as what is happening in our courts, local governments, Cafcass and many other so called government organisations, we are headed toward a police state.

    In fact we are almost there as we see our rights being eroded away almost on a daily basis. Human Rights law is a waste of time because even that is being systematically destroyed in our nation.

    The solution is for us all to fight back. There are various laws which gives us rights as citizens of this once great nation but so few know about it. Much of the legislation created and effected by government are not even legal because they breach our constitutional rights.

    If you really want to fight back, stand your ground with the CSA: He who asserts must prove that assertion. It is for them to prove unequivocally that you owe them any more and not for you to disprove that you don’t it. In any case what money has the Secretary of State paid out on your behalf for a debt to be in existence? There is no debt my friend, it is all an illusion, totally fictitious.

    I can help if you email me at [email protected]


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