CSA and court order from abroad

July 10, 2012

3 years ago I got divorce in Poland as me and my ex are both polish. During the divorce court ordered me to pay child maintenance, which I pay every month from day one. We both live separately in the uk for few years now.

Yesterday I received phone call from CSA and the have told me that on my ex request my child maintenance will be reassessed and if I don’t cooperate they will get 25 percent of my salary no questions asked.

Could anyone tell me how is it possible that CSA can overwrite or cancel my polish court order?

I asked polish solicitor who told me that I can’t stop paying what was ordered with letter from polish court telling me so. Am I end up paying both???

Please help


  • Agata says:

    How has it ended? do you pay to CSA? As far as I know, you don’t have to pay in both countries. If you’ve started paying through CSA you don’t have to pay child maintenance in Poland even if you have court order. In a case you would be asked in Poland to show a proof of paying child maintenace you can obtain from CSA child mantenance statement which shows that you’re actually paying in UK.

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