CSA and Child Support Solutions left me in financial ruins

February 14, 2018

I was getting nowhere with the csa who are a maze of hypocrisy so went to child support solutions. He charged me tens of thousands of pounds – 3000 quid for an hour in court. Itemised billing available as proof. Even then Bob Pape couldn’t sort it.

I ended up having to negotiate with my ex The csa are absolutely appalling and child support solutions are a money making racket aimed at the vulnerable. Charming as Bob Pape may seem on the surface he has contributed to my financial ruin and mental health due to the steps and worry of having to pay him.

Both the csa and child support solutions are money grabbing companies. My advice would be negotiate yourself and if you dont get any help from your ex just manage as best you can. Do not use child support solutions


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Sue

    There are a few of us honest people out there still, you know. I have been through it myself and understand the plight of fathers and (some) mothers. That is the reason for my specialism is CMS/CSA Law. I know what people go through and having to survive on little money.

    I would have charged modicum (small) amount compared to Child Support Solutions.

    Get in touch if I can help ([email protected]), otherwise take care. It is not worth being stressed out about what has happened. Move on as best you can.


  • Amanda says:

    Csa for 17yrs let me down all they kept saying to me was well he’s self employed and when I rang when they were closing down to ask why he never payed they said he didn’t give a reason why he just didn’t pay try child matinence which I did an he’s been paying for the last 3yrs to which he’s still trying to get out of paying an in appeal court with that at the moment thought I would try child support solutions to try an get the 17yrs back don’t no if there’s another way

  • Sue Baker says:

    David its too late now.
    Amanda Do not go to Child Support Solutions they will rip you off.
    Try the guy above but make double sure you are aware that its a costly business.
    It may be better to forget it. Long term its the easiest

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