CSA and being self employed

May 12, 2012

My partner is self employed. He was paying his ex wife £225 a month. He wasn’t working one month, so only paid her £80. She went to the CSA. The CSA are a total nightmare to deal with as he is self employed. We submitted his P&L to them for review, and they are now questioning his business costs.

HOWEVER they have sent him a letter saying he has to pay her £30 a week, which he has done, along with clearing the £180 arrears they said he owed, but still they want to investigate his business travel costs (Fuel basically) as they seem high….how they have come to the sum of him having to pay £30 a week, I have no idea, as his P&L show’s he is making a loss, but more to the point HE IS HAPPY TO PAY THIS…HE’D GO WITHOUT ANYTHING TO PAY FOR HIS SON!

What do we have to give the CSA so they can make a final decision and get off our case? Can anyone help?


  • chall says:


    The £30 pw is most probably an interim maintenance assessment, which can be converted once the agency are in a position to make an actual assessment.

    You should be aware that the conversion can be back dated and if the actual assessment is higher or lower than the £30 pw this could equate to the case either accruing arrears or an over payment being made during the period.

    It may be sensible to enter correct information onto the CSA calculator http://www.cmoptions.org/en/calculator/calculator.asp , if the calculation is higher than the £30 pw putting the extra to one side ready for when the conversion takes place, so any arrears can be cleared.

    chall ~ afairerecsaforall

  • john says:

    For every £100 pound the CSA take from me I am taking this back out of the system in a very cunning way … I WILL N OT BE BEATEN BY CSA or the GOVERNMENT … I PAY WHAT THEY ASK FOR AND EARN IT BACK THROUGH COOKING MY BOOKS …. CSA YOUR A BUNCH OF LOSERS …

  • carol says:

    is what this government does to us, and let their corporate buddies do to us too, john.

    just be careful ; )

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