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CSA always takes mother’s side even though she’s admitted to benefits fraud

Oh where do i start..I’ve suffered the hell of the CSA since 2007 and it seems neverending.

MY ex left me with my son aged 9 he was living with me then she claimed the Child benefits and my CSA Hell starts…She started a claim by giving incorrect details about me subsequently i had an application against me, which eventually got cancelled after she admitted her mistake. Then she decides the child must live with her so onwards we start. I agreed without any arguement to pay that day immediately, somehow after 2 yrs of never missing a payment they lump the backdated claim onto me saying i shouldve paid it despite her admitting she made a claim under false pretences…so my maintenance is increased without my knowledge (i’m still paying the initial agreed amount) for another 2 yrs at which point they send demand letters not a pleasant experience.

So up goes my payments paying off arrears i never knew i had nor had been informed of for 4 years so they also added their pound of flesh….anyway we are no 9 yrs down the road, and my son is 18 and at college…i use that term loosley because although his course states 13 hrs a week he regularly doesnt attend and has missed a good proportion of the year but nevertheless i still must pay..I still must pay because he works full time 40 hrs a week and earns over £200 per week because his mother still gets child benefit.

This a woman who is fraudiently claiming single person allowances dspite remarrying well that might be debateable as she remarried in the US and there is no proof of her wedding other than Facebook, and she knowingly acknowledges that the son misses college to go to work. Can i get the CSA and the Revenue and customs to look into this NO…they arent bothered at all the benefits fraud team wont check that my son is working as it isnt relevant at all and in their eyes it isnt a problem many people go to school and work 50 hrs a week why should it affect benefits to the parents…Now he tells me at almost 19 he’s staying on for another year at school £13 hrs a week is full time and working full time and guess what NVQ 3 means i have to pay another year…THE SYSTEM IS RUBBISH it favours my ex i’ve never missed a payment and will have to pay now until hes nearly 20…If i’d been the bad person in all this i never had the affair and left me with all the debts i wouldnt complain but i’m not…I’m just the mug who has to take the crap from these nightmares…..

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  1. I have the same problem my daughter earns 4 to 5 hundred pounds a month but is still in college

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