CSA allowed arrears to build up and then demanded money from me

October 8, 2011

Just got a letter off the csa saying i owe £5318.86 in arrears. The first letter stated i owed £26,833.20 but because the mothers of my two children said they didnt want any csa involvement they have come up with the new amount of £5318.26 which dates back to 2004. In 2003 they took me to court for arrears of £32000 which was quickly thrown out of court because i didnt have the income.

The csa representative at court told me not to worry about it as they had made a mistake and thought i was the ownwer of the buisness i worked for. i.e they thought i was the employer when i was actually the employee. So since then i have heard nothing as the case had been closed at court. That was untill the letter dropped through the door the other day. They now say they want the five grand paid within two years.

They even asked me if i had a credit card to pay it in full over the phone. What a joke I told them i get £1033.38 in wages every month. to which they replied they can take up 40% of my wages. need help they are ringing me everyday saying that the money is owed to the secretary of state so i have to pay it asap. i don`t see how they can leave the case for 7 years just for the debt to build up there’s got to be something i can do HELP PLEASE !!


  • John says:

    The old arrears scan again! You must make a complaint to them, and then the Independent Case Examiner. In your complkaint you should mention that the CSA are causing you to be alarmed and distressed. Tel them that you may involve the police regarding harassment!

    You should go to your M.P. and tell him that the CSA are hounding you for something that is not your fault.

    Get everything in writing from the CSA. Do not speak to them on the phone!

    Write to Duncan Smith at the DWP and let him know about the shambolic state of the CSA!

  • rach says:

    appeal it now

  • Andy says:

    Apologies if I’m off tangent and incorrect but there are a few issues not adding up.

    Firstly – once the CSA have made contact and look into your case then it was time to start saving those payments every month so when a final decision is made then you cover cover SOME if not all the arrears. Sounds like you have sat back hoping it will go away. I suspect your response is you couldn’t save anything because of the level of income.

    Secondly – if you/your employer hasn’t recieved a DEO then I would think you are a contractor and therefore on more than the £1033 you state and have taken into account all the corporate allowances. I hope this isn’t the case. If you are an ordinary joe-blogs on a ‘normal’ wage from an employer then the only thing you can do is let them take you to court – let the CSA run around like a headless chicken….but it would help your case if you have managed to pay/save what is reasonable in the meantime.

  • andy green says:

    to andy
    yes i am ordinary joe bloggs am 32 and have worked since i left school. looking at youre reply you have obviously never delt with csa

  • Tony Middleton says:

    I apparently owe them £7,500 they are taking me to court they sent me a letter on my birthday in jan this year like you saying that the mothers of my children didnt want the money then in march 2012 they sent me a summons to go to court saying pay in full !!!!!!!!!!! WHERES THEIR $%^&*(^%%$$$ HEADS AT ?I have suffered bad mental problems with dealing with this junta i dunno how paople cope anymore with dealing with all of this .Have you had the jolly phone calls from them t
    elling you that your going to prison ?????I have (ive never broken a law in my life!)Keep up the fight this mafia needs to be stopped.Sure children should be paid for but inventing these incompetant fools theres got to be a better way of supporting our children.

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