CSA allowances for travel to work costs

February 14, 2011

I currently believe I pay my ex a more than fair amount of maintenance under a court order. (ive used the CSA calculator and pay more than it suggests on basic net pay after accounting for the 2 children that live with me now). When that court order runs out I expect us to have to fall back on CSA calculations as we are unable to agree on anything anymore, or even talk in person.

My ex is planning on moving (with the man she left me for) the children hundreds on miles away, virtually eliminating all access opportunities

Does anyone know what the CSA likely allowances are normally on:

  1. Debts – in order to get a new home, I had to borrow cash for a deposit, as well as take a bigger mortgage than the one we had jointly (she has kept the house we owned)
  2. Travel to work. I have to drive 100 miles a day to get to work, The fuel cost is huge!
  3. Travel to gain access. I expect to be having to drive to collect and return perhaps 300 miles every fortnight.

I don’t mind paying my fair share, but its crazy that the PWC can up sticks and limit access but pushes continually for more and more maintenance.

Need to know what to expect from CSA, if anything positive!, as we may be able to agree between ourselves an amount higher than CSA but lower than current and avoid all the aggro I read about on here..!

I’m worried that despite leaving almost all our joint assets to the ex to ensure she could look after the children in safety, the CSA will overlook that, plus my high expenses and rule heavily in her favour.

Any comments appreciated.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    There are no allowances. I can barley afford to get to work, let alone see my boyz. If you have a previous debt with her…your on your own. Women have this all sewn up..

    re-arrange your employment prospects, and put money away for the kids, outside of the CSA. Thats waht I’m trying to do.

    It’s sucks, and I really do appreciate the position your in.

  • Mr K says:

    It looks like you did the same as me, make sure the kids are looked after in the divorce – and then the ex gets greedy!

    Unfortunately, you will have to pay a percentage of your pay, for 1 is 15%, 2 is 20% 3 or more is 25%. There is allowance for children living with you now, but no allowance is made for your travel to/from work.

    I currently have a round trip of 80 miles per day for work, and not one penny is taken into account for this. I am at the point of if petrol goes up any more, or interest rates rise (mortgage increase!) I won’t be able to afford to work!

    After paying all my costs, i.e. essentials like mortgage, gas, electric, council tax, fuel to get to/from work, and basic food requirements (Tesco Value/Asda Smart Price) I am left with £15.95 per month to spend how I wish! This I put into a savings account for Birthday & Christmas presents for the kids.

    My ex did the dirty, but I am being financially raped. I don’t mind supporting my children, but when my Ex goes to Spain 3 times a year with the money, it’s beyond the joke! (She only works part time, is on every benefit going, and doesn’t have another bloke living there…….different ones stay over as “special friends” regularly though!!)

    The best advice I can give is to try to avoid the CSA at all costs!

    Good luck (you will need it!)

  • Paul Colin says:

    I now look after my 14 year old girl .
    I pay maintaince for 3 children , The Csa expects me to carry on paying 25% of my income until I get child benefit which can take up to 12 weeks to process
    So what do I do Ask my ex to give a third back or cancel the direct debit and write a cheque to the csa
    I can’t afford to support my daughter and pay the full wack
    Plus it is wrong to include your overtime in the calulations

  • simon says:

    act now do not let your ex take your children miles and miles away see a solicitor take it to court , apply for a prohibitive steps order, she will not be allowed without your explicit consent. do it now . a child needs its father tell the court your position ,that you will not be able to see and emotionally support and be there for your child.it will cost less than the travel beleive me i do 350 miles every two weeks and have done for 6 years .fathers have rights in law if not in the csa good luck

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