CSA Advice please, they are robbing me blind

December 16, 2009

I have been divorced from my ex for over a year now and since i left her over three years ago (because she cheated on me) i have payed her £200 per month with out any csa involvement.

I started to recieve letters of debt in both our names a short time later, stating i owed a few thousand pounds for unpaid bills. It turns out that whilst living in our marrital home, she was claiming benefits as a single parent. I was at work during the day when the post came so she hid it easily, the money she was getting through benifits were getting paid into our joint account and she passed this payment off as tax credits.

I told her that i would pay the debt as this was in my best interest but the child support money would stop untill this was all cleared off.

Finaly cleared off and now debt free, she could not wait, the greedy money grabing ….. and contacted the csa.

They want me to pay £340 per month for my child based on a good month of overtime and a very rare bonus.

I earn £1500 per month basic but my rent alone is £525, with all other bills and c,tax i pay just over £1200 per month. This will now put me into the red even before my last d,debit has left my account.

I will never avoid paying for my child but this is rediculous. I have tried to speak to the csa regarding this but they are not interested. They don’t take any out goings into consideration and as a result screws us over.

I am on the sick at the moment and have been for 2 months as a result of surgery. I will be getting no overtime what so ever for the next fiew months at least.

I have just moved into my new house to give my child a bedroom, spent a fortune doing this and have a 12mnths contract on the house which i cant break. I cant leave my job or i will become homeless. What a mess, all because my ….. of an ex could not wait a few more weeks to get money from me. The csa stink and should have a total reform on its rules and regulations. They should be MADE by law to take All out goings into consideration.


  • goldman38 says:


    Amazed at reading your story on here, but really this is becoming the more and more normal thing for the CSA.

    I have arranged a protest on the 10th of January 2010 at 10am meeting point Houses Of Parliament Westminster, London, and your very much welcome to join us.
    I have put the protest details on this site, please reply if your able to attend this.

    Mr I.Longman

  • 8 years ago the csa said I owed £13k arrears, I was paying weekly off the arrears, and by Jan 2008, my arrears balance was £3,700, then out of the blue, the csa said they misscalculated, and upted it to a whoping £8,700, and bullied me into paying £80 weekly, which is impossible to pay on top of my £750 monthly mortgage, the csa said it was a clerical error, Can they do this? where do I stand?

  • chall says:

    Hi geoffrey,

    If an error is found on a case the agency can correct it.

    You need to establish if the alleged arrears are indeed correct – it may well be beneficial to apply for your Data Protection file and a complete account breakdown, there’s a template letter in the down load section at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk – the agency now charge £10 for this, do not send cash or a cheque and postal orders should be made payable to; CSA

  • Screwed down says:


    As per separation agreement, I have been paying my wife £200 pm. She moved 280miles away and told me I can only see my son every 5 weeks. I have to book into a hotel (£110) for a weekend and this excludes food and entertainment. Luckily I have a company vehicle so do not have to pay for fuel(so far!).

    I am on £27k a year and trying to get my life back in order after being cheated on.They came back to me saying I have to pay £68 a week! I don’t mind forking out for my son, but do I have make her rich in process???

  • graeme says:

    Screwed down

    I know that feeling extremely well. I am now paying £485 per month regular maintenance charge (CS1) plus I have £3,400 arrears. They want £200 over 17 months, however I have just proved that their figures are incorrect because of housing charges that they never took into consideration, so I have asked for that to be backdated to May.. which removes £385 from the arrears. Anyway £3,100 divided by 24 months equal to £129.16 plus monthly charge of £485 equals £614 per month.

    As you said the ex doesnt need to work I am paying for her. She is a teacher but has opted to job share… and here was me thinking that there was a shortage of teachers in the profession at the moment.

    This works out at £111 per week maintenance for my son, plus another £35 per week arrears.

    Can somebody explain to me why it takes £146 PER WEEK to maintain 1 X 13 year old boy.

    I dont even live on £146 PER WEEK.

    So i knknow exactly where you are coming from… my feelings are ….

    BIG ISSUE GOV.. COME AND GET YOUR BIG ISSUE… wonder if i can get a pitch outside the CSA office????????


  • lisa dewsnap says:

    Hi im writing on my partners behalf, the csa and possibly the debt management company fairfax are screwing up big style!!! my partner knew nothing about any debt to csa untill his employer showed him the letter from the csa to take 45% of his wage for csa payments!!! he pays between $115 and $160 pounds per week leaving us with $170 to live on, no matter how we try they wont cancell the dow, we are now 2 month behind with the rent and council tax, and we dont qualifiy for housing or council tax benifit!!!. We have been to the cab but with not much luck, now we are waiting for our local MP to have a word, we could end up homeless, im going to talk to my ex hubby and make a private arrangement with him and take my case away from csa, does anyone know if my parnter could do this and make the csa cancell the dow. Please help anyone.

  • Terry says:

    Hi Screwed down and Graeme.

    I am in the same boat.
    I have a 13 year old daughter.
    I have to pay £99.58 a week for her (CS1 rules)
    Plus £26.12 extra a week to clear arears. Rounded to total £127 a week.

    My actual take home pay is £364 a week
    I have a morgage of £115 a week then all my other bills and debts i need to pay.

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