CSA admits mistakes in my case

May 17, 2011

The CSA had taken my partner to court for 3 Liability Orders one of which was myself i used to be one of the PWCs so I am familiar with two sides of the story. We had gone to numerous sols here in Belfast who had’nt got a clue how to deal with CSA and the ones who did where asking wait for it £10000 yes. So guess what i have done it myself. To date i have gotten his assessments reassessed and they have admitted to maladministration and paid him a small amount of compensation.

I have gone to courts here and stopped the Liability orders and stopped the charge on our property. I have also represented him in the Tribunal hearing which had taken place last week in regards to new assessments to date and they have been adjourned due to the fact that i had asked for crucial information that the CSA had so nicely left out of the Tribunal Notes i.e. income details for the PWC when they had asked for a year payslips from the NRP they said that this was best evidence i was having none of it. We have a child together and the PWC has a child and a mortgage with her partner who has a good paid job we are struggling.

All i can say is stick to your guns if it does’nt sound right then its probably not right fight for your rights.

Don’t believe everything that the CSA are telling you i have learn’t that they are out for the PWC and don’t care about the NRP remember i used to be a PWC i really do have sympathy here now.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    Hope you go to your local newspapers and radio with your story.
    Also your MP might be interested for future constituent cases

  • Karen B says:

    tierna totally agree, you have to.

    KMcQ80 – good idea, tried that, been trying for years, cant get anyone to take it on (I would have been on Watchdog few years ago – but because CSA admitted they didnt want me on there they made me advanced payment) if only could get another tv programme to take this on. I believe there is some sort of gagging order on this as strange how all the things that we and Lisa have done i.e. gmtv, the sun newspaper, other newspapers, seeing ministers responsible, etc., all last minute drop the story!

    Please join the fb groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others as there is advice and support on there.

  • John says:

    Well done Mary. You are right not to take what the CSA say as being truthful. They lie to get results for their bonuses and to meet performance targets!

    To KMcQ. The government introduced a type of ‘gagging’ order called ‘Common Purpose’. They invite the media to take part in seminars and ask them not to report anything anti government. This is how corrupt the system and our elected representatives are!

    I tried watchdog, they are in on the scam!

  • Zoe Firth says:

    Good for you Mary! I had been losing heart with our battle as it seemed like so many more people had fairly fought and lost than those who had taken on the CSA and were getting a positive result for their efforts…but now I have read your story I am going to press on with our fight against them because they ARE doing wrongful lawless things to people who don’t deserve it, they ARE going out of their way to bully and intimidate people into paying outrageous sums of money without even sharing their calculations with those whose homes and livelihoods they are trying to steal, they ARE an inefficient incorrect unfit for purpose ‘debt’ collection agency gone crazy. They are worse than Council Tax Baliffs and that’s saying something! Because Council Tax Baliffs might be extortionate rip off merchants who are very scary and relentless in their pursuit of recovering monies owed, but if they slap a heavy charge on you they will gladly tell you the amount and what it’s for and why – they issue paperwork as the law says they should – and they negotiate a timescale and means of payment if things get that far. The CSA won’t give us a breakdown of what we owe, not even to the extent of what years and which children it is supposed to be for! We have had no contact from them for 10 whole years and since then have only been sent two to three letters, each one saying something different, but all equally threatening that if we don’t cough up ten grand just like that, Mark is going to prison and they are going to force sale of OUR house. They’ll have to kill me before any baliff or CSA tosspot crosses the threshold of my front door! So thankyou for my renewing my self belief in our situation – I am now going to carry on with my fight for what’s right because if I end up losing, so what? It’s better to try my hardest and fail than it is to do nothing, and still fail.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Well said Zoe, and well done to you Mary for your fight so far. The only way to deal with these people is to do to them what they have done to us.

    If you have successfully blocked Liability Orders and got the charge on your property lifted then we will be very interested to here more details on your successes.

    Come join us on CsaHellHelp on Facebook where you’ll find many more of us with similar fights in progress.

  • mary says:

    thanks for all your comments CSA are still trying everything in the book to try to recover monies for the PWCs but they have a fight on their hands. We have had our Tribunal and i have asked them that i wanted the same information from the PWCs as they had asked for from the NRP in regards to income and the CSA tried to get away with that they had accepted that the information that had been asked for from the PWC was accepted by CSA as best evidence. Well i fought and the Tribunal has asked the CSA to produce the information that i have asked for. Good Result. I am very keen to see how they get out of this one as i have made it impossible to produce the evidence without making liars of themselves. We are back again at the Tribunal in a few weeks. In the meantime they are trying to dig up other info on the NRP in regards to other things i am fighting that as well. We are up again with the EJO shortly and what had been agreed with the CSA and ourselves in regards to the amounts owing to the PWCs in connection with the Charge on Land before going back to EJO instead they have now tried to squeeze in amounts that had been statue barred. They wanted the small monthly amount that we had agreed to pay up front by debit card before the hearing i said no i am not that stupid i wanted to see the conditions in black and white first and guess what they had some conditions i could’nt stop laughing. As if. Do they really think that they get everything they want. I do really feel sorry for the people who are not as strong as myself. All i can say is FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT them back. People don’t realise that they can appeal against any decision if it is wrong. In regards to assessments being carried out years ago and you only find out about these things now you have the right to get them to look at these again. Don’t speak to the Enforcement Division put it in black and white send it by Courier or Recorded Delivery to the Complaints Dept this is the only way. This Dept will start of fresh if they do see any mistakes. They will try to come of with if they did’nt know about it then they cant act on it. In regards to Liabilitly Orders these can be overturned on only a point of Law even when they are out of the 13 month term it is called Judisical Review and you can do this yourself if you are up to it as it can be costly with sols you might be entited to Legal Aid. There are other things that you can get them on but i cant mention them here as they will block the loophole. I would highly recommend that you ask for your information they hold on you first through the Data Protection as this way they wont be able to take anything out. Forearmed is Forwarned as they say i done this it helped me when i went to the Tribunal as alot of information was missing out of the Tribunal Notes i was able to piece it together with evidence from the Data Protection information i had requested a year previously. Our case goes back almost 17 years. Good Luck everyone

  • Craig says:

    Hi Mary your information would be very welcome on our group please come and join us to help other people and share your info. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Child-Support-Agency-Corruption/138094386286954

  • Craig says:

    I say go and storm their buildings and camp in them

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