CSA admit their mistake but won’t fix it!

July 5, 2015

last november i changed employers, i already had a order to pay weekly through my wages as my daughter went to live with her dad. i wrote to the csa before i changed employers with new employers name and address, i then phoned the csa and was told they had recieved thsi letter and i would get a new order within two weeks, that was 7th nov!!

since then i hav ecalled repeatadley to get an update being told each time it is a mistake thier end and i had submitted all the relevant details, i then in may got an order which was identical to the one i had with my past emloyer, also when i called the number on the letter they had sent me contact details for hastings when my account is being delalt by belfast!! since then i have continued to call, my employer has submitted my wages details 3 times but today recived a threat of court action because they clain he hasnt sent my wages details! they admitted to me there was a mistake there end but i asked for this in writing which i have not been sent, it beggars belief that it is still not sorted after ten months and i will be left with a staggering bill.i have also filled out a csa online complaints form but each time i hit submit the whole page clears!


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  1. eve32 on July 5th, 2015 6:57 pm

    Trying to make a complaint to the CSA is like mission impossible. You need to ask for a subject access request which will document all correspondence sent and received and a log of all phone calls and action that was proposed to be taken.

    Next time you phone do not explain your situation yet again but ask straight away to speak to a manager to escalate your complaint. You will be promised a call back. If this doesn’t happen phone again and tell the person that you didn’t receive a call back as promised and if it is ok with them can you record the conversation with them and again request an escalation of your complaint and a call back from a manager. The various minions that you speak to do absolutely nothing.

    I hope you get this sorted. The service is diabolical and I think the defunct computer system they use is to blame for a lot of problems.

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