CSA admit he’s playing the system

March 9, 2012

I have been chasing maintenance for 9 yrs, oringinally had a court order for £750.00 per month till 2 children are at end of school. He didnt pay this. He them took me to court with a solicitor and told the judge as of that day he wasnt working the judges words were “well my dear if he isnt working he cant pay can he, order dismissed, go to the CSA my dear” so I did, that was in 2008. My ex has stated that he is earning £100.00 p/w (he is a sub contractor with a CIS certificate and the local hod carriers are earning £170.00 per day here in oxfordshire) therefore is has been calculated at £5.00 per week, this he didnt pay. So had to be put on a liabilty order, which of course he paid to avoid going to court. I have been chasing CSA every 13 weeks since, and each time they put him on a liablity order and he pays.

I challenged the CSA as to the fact that my ex is working daily, earning cash in hand and playing the system – there respomse is “we know he is playing the system but there is nothing we can do as he has the right to be believed. Why dont you take out a bigger mortgage to pay for the children?” I was shocked at this and asked the lady to explain and she said “its his human rights to be beleived, we cant say he is lying and have no power to check his accounts” He has 5 accounts and saving and shares and a mortgage free house. I have written to my MP over the years with no results. NO one cares how we mothers cope with supporting children and that we have enough money to survive. I wokr and try and find more work all the time, I am exhausted. If I lose my job we go under whilst the children father gets richer and no one cares.

The amount of men not paying maintenance is appalling. I know there are a number of men that are decent. But its the ones that are defarding the system. No wonder mothers are on benefit, if the government did their job and sorted this out so that fathers were made to pay, and paid tax we wouldnt be in the financial mess this coutry is in. NO one helps and no one sorts it out. The CSA is a joke. they dont care how we are surviving and that we have enough money as long as the father is ok. 20% of their earnings is nothing. All my earning go into bringing up these two fab kids


  • whysoserious says:

    what if he was a footballer on £300,000 a week. would you think its fair that the CSA makes him pay 22% or more of that to a women so he can buy her on new house, new flashy car and a fance holiday. i think men shouldnt have to pay anymore than the women can claim on benefits. Then if the father is truly allowed to spend time with his kids im sure he’d happly pay more. Im not judging your case im just simply making a point. Im sick of listening to some women going on about kids but in a real world… they had them, they should of took the pill. I have been in a relationship for 7 years and have two beautiful children and i love them but i Just found out i got a teenage son that i hadnt a clue about and now my thoughtless ex thinks she has me over a barrel. i tried to accept it but as i learn to get close to this teenager which is hard my ex keeps contacting my family behind my back… i feel my privacy is been violated and now feel like backing off. this girl had no respect for me when we was together… cheated on me and hid a child from me. how can i ever want to pay her a penny?

  • John says:

    Any decent parent should want to provide for their child/children, but what has it got to do with an agency that has stakeholders, and that is run for profit.

    I have been involved with the CSA on BOTH sides as a PWC and an NRP, and in both cases the CSA were incompetent and causing more trouble than they were doing good. Demonising and criminalising parents regarding their children is morally wrong.

    State interference and a bitter and twisted mother, have conspired to cause me untold stress. This in turn, has caused alienation and isolation of the children because a feckless mother (shielded by the CSA) and a completely shambolic, not fit for purpose system.

    Important matters involving children should belong in the courts with professional, accredited lawyers and you should make a complaint to the law society about what happened 9 years ago, and go back to the court in order to receive a fair settlement.

    The CSA cause more trouble and do more harm than good!

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