CSA actually laughed down the phone at me

April 17, 2012

I’m a father of one with a 13 yr old boy.

I had been paying 15% of my earnings quite happily until I lost my job mid last year. Luckily I found another job quite quickly but at a greatly reduced income (£6.25 p/h) After 6 months of providing all the information the CSA asked for, they still hadn’t sorted out my payments for my son.

Then suddenly they are taking 40% of my income directly (£93, from a £220 wage) leaving me with £127, yet my rent and council tax come to £135 per week (I live in Oxford, very expensive) I called, them, they laughed (yes, he actually laughed) at my predicament saying “not my problem”.

My local MP ignores me. (Andrew Smith)

It seem’s I have to quit my job in order to be able to survive, which I never ever thought I would think of doing.

Any Ideas What can be done?


  • elaine says:

    Its horrendous. My partner has suffered at there hands too having to sell he’s home in the end he lost he’s job so where they were taking 70% of his salary he is now only paying £10 a month while on benefits. My partner is ex forces served his country but is being treated like someone who has committed a crime. He iis happy to pay for his children but at a reasonable rate. They keep telling him different amounts and that he is in arrears which he isn’t. They do what they like and even told him to take out a loan. Its very frustrating but keep on at them. Mail them every day don’t let them sit back assuming we will sit back and take. We ideally should send all these complaints on a daily basis to the prime minister and a newspaper. Bombard them with the CSA ‘s incompetance. Will take time but it has to be done. Good luck fella

  • jay. says:

    Write a letter of complaints to the csa with how you were treated, give them 15 days to get bk to you, of that fails then take it further onto ice, then bk to the mp, make him work for you, if he isn’t complain about it him too…..its time to start getting angry and don’t take their clap trap as gospel. Elaine you sound just like me, I’m an nrpp and it stinks watching good men being teared down, needs scrapping big time. About time they came to a set amount what a child realistically needs, if child benefit is capped at a set amount so could maintenance.

  • bri says:

    Start the fight back! when Mr Casmeron said “we’re all in thsi together” YES he was right we are..and it is a terrible mess.


  • C. Porter says:

    An update to my post:
    After many calls/letters/Emails I am now working 16 hours per week and taking money OUT of the economy (Claiming benefits)
    It seems the CSA would rather me be on benefits in order to be able to survive than work full time, pay CSA at a rate I can afford, AND put money into the economy via income TAX etc.
    What has become of this country?

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