CSA accusing me and my brother of being fathers to a child from an escort

May 11, 2018

I met a lady from a sex website over 13 years ago. She located my brother on Facebook 9 years later and accused him of being the father of her child. DNA test proved otherwise. They then pursued me, even though I look nothing like my brother. A detachment from my earnings of 520 pounds per month was then just taken without warning. I’m married and have just as accepted it, as I don’t want it to ruin my marriage. Please help.


  • David says:

    Hi John

    Please email me urgently in the first instance at [email protected]. I have 11 years expertise in CSA/CMS Law.

    There is a way to deal with but you will have to be patience and fastidious. The CMS/CSA will take your money without evidence of you being the father. Their remit is to get money by any means necessary. So you will need to fight and I can certainly help.


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