CSA accepts excuses from NRP

July 10, 2011

Back in January 2011 my wife requested a review from the CSA as the NRP had not been re-assessed for 6 years and during this time had also been accruing arrears. In Apr 2011 we had to contact the CSA again to enquire what was happening as we had not heard from them. It transpired that the NRP was carrying out his usual stalling tactic of not returning paperwork.

We were told an interim assessment would be made and he had had enough time to respond. Contacted in May 2011 to be told he had been given yet more time to supply paperwork. After complaining an apology was made ( yes the CSA admitted they had messed up!!) and a re-assessment was made overnight and we were told that we would be receiving the new amount. After two months of no change to the payments received contacted the CSA today to be informed that there was a change in circumstances and that the amount would be £200 less ?? than the original amount before the re-assessment was made despite him receiving higher wages?? I can only think that the CSA have moved him onto the new system without informing my wife.

I’m really annoyed that they let the NRP delay them for so long ( a mistake on their part) and then reward him by putting him on a new system that rewards him for messing the PWC and the CSA around


  • tom says:

    Whats the matter mate, not getting your cushy life subsidised by some other poor bloke!!!

  • karen bedford says:

    Unfortunately you have to chase them all the time and keep logs of everything too, also the time limit goes against the person who has care for the children as it works in the NRP favour as they can string it out as long as possible. I want this time limit scrapped or put on hold once a letter has gone out to them so the clock is not ticking while everyone else is sitting on things! Good luck with everything, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failing and others for free advice and support from others who have gone through all the same ‘crap’ whether nrp/pwc/mother/father – more beneficial than any advice from people who charge or csa – just to let you know re; time limit can take 18 months or more for ICE to investigate, can take same time for Tribunal Appeal too, this needs to be changed/stopped.

  • rach says:

    Good for him if he got his assessment reduced to fairer level that wil teach you to be greedy and demand a review wont it? hes allowed to have a life too not keep you in the! lap of luxury

  • Andy says:

    @tom and rach – not that you need to know but we requested a re-assessment otherwise his daughters will not be able to go on to further education. Will you be happy to be paying for them instead of him when they claim the dole??? thought not 🙂

  • Andy says:

    Forgot to mention before you coming back with another poison comment that the only person who has been subsidised is the NRP by me for the past 13 years whilst making up the large arrears that he had every month whilst paying my full CSA as a NRP myself, and taking on a second job to manage it. I like to see it as a NRP facing up to his responsibilities that do not go away after leaving a women to bring up three small children on her own Im sorry that you appear to have an issue over PWC’s but Ive been there myself as an NRP and trust me there has been no luxury in this house 🙂

  • Jayne says:

    Well said Andy, we were in the same situation as u !!! experiencing both sides, whilst my husband paid his way for 16 years, my ex being self employed paid nothing for my children, how fair was that !! My daughters starts uni in Sept, which she will fund herself as she now works, i will help her as much as i can,and i will hold my head up high and be proud of her achievements.. The only loser will be her biological father buts thats his loss !!!

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