Criminal CSA are there to take from the poor to give to the rich!

September 6, 2017

The CSA are useless and a huge crime is going on in this country and no one gives a dam. My ex refuses to support his child and always said he would. He pretended to be generous while going through court (7 pound a week) but soon stopped when he got nothing he wanted. I lost everything, my home, job the lot. He as a expensive house, cars, own business, heavy social life, expensive clothes, holidays and jewellery yet he laughs because he pays ZERO in child support. I have tried now for nearly 4 years to get a fair outcome but its all his way. The CSA told me he earns less than £7 a week therefore doesn’t need to pay support…for 3 years!!! He hasn’t lost his home, cars, holidays or luxurys whilst earning less than £7 a week. Why cant they see this doesn’t add up? Why are they even in office getting support because all it seems to be good at is collecting from people on benefits or going after those in work, who can suddenly quit the job and go self employed to earning peanuts…shock horror..just go for them on benefits…easy target. The rich get richer the poor get poorer. Pointless ageny with no power to do anything. I know one lady who was owed 60k over 18 years…she got ZERO and mocked off the ex husband. Children suffer because exs wish to punish the mother/father looking after the child. Its pathetic. A law needs to come in which stops this…but then them in power are doing it with their books so what an example.


  • David says:


    Sorry to read about your ordeal. If you need help and assistance with this, drop me a line at [email protected]


  • Derek says:

    I’m sorry for the situation you find yourself in but I don’t understand your argument of CSA or CMS (whatever they are called these days). CSA are not private investigators, they never have been and probably never will be, and they get your ex’s income details from HMRC, not from him and not from sitting outside his house to see how many cars he has or how often he leaves for work. HE has declared to HMRC his income in his tax return by the end of each January. This is the information CSA use, if you think this income is wrong then you need to report your ex to HMRC’s tax evasion department (As it would be fraud and tax evasion). If HMRC investigate and update their systems of his true income then CSA are notified automatically. As for the ‘Why cant they see this doesn’t add up’ to them it does add up according to the tax system. You are telling them to take your word over the information they have got from HMRC, if the details are wrong then that is down to HMRC not CSA. Also you said he owns a business, what if the business is not in his name, if this is the case then of course it will show him of having no income, but again this is a scenario for HMRC to investigate, nothing to do with CSA. With businesses as well, if he does own the business in his name and it is a limited company he will be a director, he could be paying himself the bare minimum that is declared to HMRC, but then could be taking out the profits as dividends to give him extra income, which is NOT declared to HMRC. If this was the case all you need to do is ask CSA for a variation for unearned income. Once the variation is included then all the other income he has will be included in your calculation. If it is a limited company then his company accounts have to be published on Companies House, they are public and you maybe able to see on there how much is paid out in dividends and if the company is in his name.
    This also goes for the thing you said about taking it from benefits, CSA get information about people on benefits (it is another government department after all) and they can tell straightaway if someone is on a benefit and how much they receive. But your point about taking it straight from their benefit, a deduction of benefit would only be applied if someone is non-compliant/misses payments. If someone pays properly, on time then there is no reason for it to be taken from their benefit. Also if it has been deducted for from their benefit for 12 months then they can request it to go paying directly instead of it being taken from source.
    Also with regards to the woman you know, arrears can only be cancelled/written off by the person they are owed to. CSA/CMS or the ex can’t write them off. The only way they would be cancelled is if the ex proved that the income details CSA were using were incorrect and he gave evidence of his income for those 18 years. So if she hasn’t cancelled them and he hasn’t gave extra information of him earning less for all those years, then those arrears will still be there on their system. They might not be able to collect them if he is on benefit, low income or self employed though.

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