Credit cards maxed and a loan to pay CSA

July 23, 2015

I used to pay my ex privately even when she wasn’t letting me see my children. I then decided enough was enough and went through court. The case has now been going on for 18months and has cost me 14k due to her bumping my fees and making ludicrous accusations that where taken VERY seriously. I stopped paying her her maintenance because court was obviously costing me an arm and a leg. I’ve now that the csa chasing me and demanding the fees since I stopped.

I’m still paying my solicitor fees and I can’t afford to pay anything more. I’m behind on my rent, I’ve taken out a 5k loan, my credit cards are maxed. I have holes in my shoes.

I’ve never said that I don’t want to pay for my children. All I’m saying is i can’t right now because they need me to be in their lives!

Every time I talk with the csa about this I’m just faced with one nacasist to another.

Anyone have any suggestions what I can do??


They even had the cheek so send me a letter saying “8 out of 10 people pay there maintenance and your not one of them”

Please help guys


  • Vincent says:

    Going through court was not a mistakeion the slightest. If I could have done this private then I obviously would have. Unless you think that mothers keeping children away from fathers is acceptable?
    The court scenio was purely for to see me my children and nothing else. Yes I’ve spend a lot of money but i had no other way of seing them!

    That’s daryl chartty.
    I knew that was the only option. I think that I just hoping there was some kind of alternative!

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