Couple forced to pay maintenance to surrogate mother

April 20, 2011

broken hearted coupleA couple who opted for using a surrogate mother to have a child after they discovered they couldn’t have one on their own have been ordered by the Child Support Agency to pay her just under £600 a month after she refused to give up the child.

The couple found the woman on a website, where women offered their services as surrogate mothers, and paid her £10,000 in expenses to carry the child. Mid-way through the pregnancy however, the single mother of two decided she wanted to keep the baby, rather than give it up. A judge ordered that the woman could keep the child after a very prolonged, bitter and highly difficult court battle (which lasted for 6 months after the baby had been born).

The father, simply known as Mr W, was then ordered to pay child support through the CSA since he is the biological father. The couple are understandably highly distressed over the situation, feeling betrayed not just by the woman they had trusted and given so much money to already, but by the Child Support Agency. They have called for a change to the law around the issue, and have written to Downing Street about it.

The change in the law the couple would like revolves around the fact their case was dealt with in the way any other child maintenance case would be, which they feel is entirely unfair given the complex situation. Whether their calls for a law change is noticed or not, it seems this couple will still have a long battle ahead of them.

The single mother meanwhile is in receipt of the £568 per month from the wealthy couple, and she has kept the £10,000 paid to her for expenses.


  • John says:

    This sums up the whole shambolic system and the useless people who run it!

    It’s not about the child…………….it’s about the government coiffeurs, so the CSA to–sers can pay themselves bonuses and M.P.’s can dip their snouts in the trough.

    We are ALL being scammed!

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