Could anyone tell me how much I should be paying?

December 31, 2013

i have my 3 kids every other weekend friday night saturday night they go home sunday night i have them for dinner mondays wednesdays and fridays i earn £350 take home a week could u tell me roughly how much i should be paying if poss thankyou.


  • Bill says:

    75 pounds per week.

  • col303csa says:

    Totally in agreement with Simon Scott. I NEVER see my 2 in new clothes, except for footwear. She gets hand me downs from her nephews. She works regular nights and has to find somebody to look after them during the day. She gets £340/month and I also have to pay to clothe and feed them both, and when they do go back to her in the clothes I bought I seldom see those clothes again. I though that the payments were for the children NOT as Simon says to line her pockets!!
    When I have the children it is me who regularly takes them on days out to various places, cos they say ‘mummy never takes us anywhere’ am I correct in saying (as mentioned by Ellie Sellars) that I can ask for this expenditure to be reimbursed?

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